A teenager’s eyes were a mix of sadness and relief when her mother agreed to let her live out of state with her father.

The alternative was to live in Gilbert, where the 13-yearold would have to endure the stigma, fear and memories of being raped there by two men.

"I cannot imagine what it’s like to live with such memories," said the mother, whose identity the Tribune is withholding to protect the daughter.

The mother’s account of how she gave up her daughter and son, who wanted to stay with his sister, came Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court, where a judge sentenced one of the rapists to 30 years in prison with no parole.

Prosecutor Suzanne Wilson asked Judge James Keppel to add more time to Albert Farnsworth’s prison term.

Wilson said Farnsworth, 21, complained to a presentence report writer that he was effectively giving up his life when no one died, making it a raw deal.

"Thirty years isn’t enough for them," Wilson said. "Your Honor, life was taken, the lives were children."

Keppel could have added up to two more years.

The deal was for 30 years, and adding two years because a comment angered the prosecutor was disingenuous, Farnsworth’s attorney, James Martin said.

"We agree this is an egregious crime," Martin said.

Farnsworth, who pleaded guilty Aug. 20 to three counts of child molestation and attempted sexual conduct with a minor, told Keppel on Friday he no longer felt he got a raw deal.

Keppel declined to add any years.

Farnsworth, of Gilbert, had nothing to say in court.

The evidence against Farnsworth, who is the nephew of House Majority Leader Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, was his DNA, his and his codefendant’s incriminating statements and the girl’s personal belongings at the crime scene.

William Porter also pleaded guilty and agreed to a sentencing range of 24 to 29 years in prison. He is to be sentenced Oct. 31.

Farnsworth and Porter, 24, snatched the 98-pound girl Feb. 4 off of a Gilbert street as she walked to school.

They covered her face and took her to Porter’s Gilbert home to assault her. When they were done, they left her in an alley and she ran for her life the half mile to get home.

"I’ll never forget the day my daughter ran into my house and said ‘I’ve been raped,’ " the mother said.

She called the crime an "evil and selfish act."

"An event like this changes lives, people just don’t understand," the mother said, adding that Porter’s and Farnsworth’s parents have also lost their sons.

Even the simplest of pleasures like a birthday celebration is marred by the experience, the mother said. The girl avoided the school bus last year because her classmates knew she was the victim and she couldn’t face them. She could no longer sleep alone.

With the new school year approaching, the girl refused to return to Gilbert from her father’s out-of-state home.

"I saw the sadness in her eyes but the relief when I said she could stay," the mother said.

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