Canada’s Autopilot returns to Mesa for the big party

Autopilot promises to rock the house in a free concert prior to Mesa’s fireworks show this Thursday.

Mesa has proven to be a prime market for Saskatchewan alternative rock band Autopilot.

The rockers have traveled south to perform at the Mesa Music Festival and now it’ll play the free Arizona Celebration of Freedom at 8:20 p.m. Thursday, July 4, on the Mesa Music Festival Stars & Stripes Stage.

“Mesa has been really good to us,” says Autopilot’s Marlon Harder. Both festivals are booked by Indian Antao. 

“The first year we were on stage with POD. It helped us build a fanbase in the area. We were able to meet several bands from all over the country. Then, we get to run into them on tour in their home cities. It’s really a great festival. It’s put together really well. We love the desert. We’re really stoked to go out there.”

Recently, Autopilot released the music video for its single, “Undisguised,” from its album “Afterglow.” New tracks will be the bulk of the Mesa performance.

Autopilot is a staple in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan indie music scene. During the course of three full-length records and one EP, Autopilot has toured relentlessly across Canada and the United States.

“Afterglow” was produced by Saskatchewan knob-turner S.J. Kardash. The release of “Undisguised” follows the success of the singles “Living Dead” and “Weightless.” Harder chalks up the singles’ success to Autopilot’s tour schedule.

“We tour quite a bit, mostly in the United States,” Harder said. “We hit up Mesa at least once a year. It’s a larger market. Being from Saskatoon, we’re literally in the middle of nowhere. 

“The nearest big city is about a six-hour drive. The United States is a lot less driving. Everything’s so spread out in Canada. We do still tour around here.”

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