Spencer’s surprises 3 lucky customers TV & Appliance Rob Gaschler

Mesa resident Rob Gaschler said the $10,000 in-store credit he won from Spencer’s TV & Appliance will help him upgrade his kitchen so he can give his current appliances to his mom.

Three lucky Spencer’s TV & Appliance shoppers were gifted with a major prize at the store’s original location in Mesa last week.

Rob Gaschler, Fred and Deanne Dresser and Kim Brontsema each won $10,000 to spend how they like in the store as a reward for being the 5 millionth customers.

Any shopper that purchased an item at Spencer’s qualified, but customers could also enter online or in person.

General Manager Clifton Orlandi said the winners were chosen through a lottery system, and could choose from anything in the store, except, “this washer dryer, they can’t have that,” he laughed, pointing at a vintage, bright yellow Maytag washer/dryer circa 1970s.

Mesa native Rob Gaschler was getting gas when he received the call from Spencer’s telling him he won. The new homeowner had just purchased a washer/dryer at the beginning of March, and was ecstatic to hear about his good fortune.

“It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever won!” He said excitedly. “The only other thing I’ve ever won was an iPod.”

He plans to buy a refrigerator, and has his eye on the modern, double-French-door style. For Gaschler, the choice to support a small business was simple.

“I used to buy from the big-name stores, (but) realized Spencer’s had better deals and better customer service, and it’s a long-time local business. I like supporting that,” he said.

As for what will happen to his current appliances, Gaschler hopes to share his win with his mom by giving them to her.

He said his kitchen “has basic appliances — they’re new, but they’re basic. I’ll probably put those in my mom’s house because she needs new appliances,” he said.

Fred and Deanne Dresser moved to Goodyear a little over four years ago, and knew where to go for appliances when they found themselves in the market for a refrigerator.

“We got treated right in the store and they do their own service work,” said Fred.

They’re still deciding what to do with their sweet prize, but in the meantime, they’ve had fun perusing the aisles of shiny, stainless steel appliances.

“There’s so many thoughts,” said Fred.

“We’ve never won anything like this!” His wife Deanne chimed in.

“We’re looking at a dishwasher, a double oven,” said Fred.

The two were overjoyed with their luck, as they were first-time customers of Spencer’s just a few months previously.

“For one thing, it’s a real surprise,” Deanne said. “It’s a real blessing, because it’s not something we would have expected nor is it something we considered very likely. It’s just very special.”

Kim Brontsema has been working in Gilbert for almost a decade, and at first, she thought the whole thing was a bad joke. She had been receiving calls from Spencer’s all week before deciding to answer the fateful phone call.

She thought to herself, “I’ve been making my payments on time, so I don’t know why they’re calling me!” she said laughing.

It’s no prank though, these three lucky winners will be going home $10,000 richer in appliances.

Spencer’s TV & Appliance has been in business for 47 years, expanding to 10 locations in the Valley just within the last two decades. Recently, however, costs for the local business have gone up due to the trade war with China.

“Costs have went up, but we haven’t seen a change in slowing down purchases. It hasn’t really slowed us down at all, but it’s all concerning — that’s for sure,” Orlandi said.

Regardless, Orlandi sees the company continuing to grow and give back.


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