First aid resuscitation course in primary school.

"The district is seeking to fill only four teaching positions, according to its website."

It was deemed the 2019 Employer of Choice by the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and if you’re looking for a job, you can get a chance to see why.

Gilbert Public Schools is hoping to attract dozens of new employees to an array of more than 200 jobs and has scheduled an employment fair 4-7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, in The Commons at Highland High School, 4301 E. Guadalupe Road, Gilbert.

It wasn’t only the Chamber that considers GPS a top employer. It also was voted by Gilbert Sun News readers as the best place to work in this year’s Best of Gilbert poll.

“We reward and celebrate all of our incredible staff by offering a wide range of initiatives for all staff, including teachers, administrators and support staff,” the district said.

That includes a competitive benefits package, matching contributions to a retirement fund, a program promoting staff health and wellness, professional growth and development opportunities, discounted preschool childcare and before- and after-school childcare and financial wellness seminars, the district says.

While a recent survey called attention to the more than 1,400 teaching vacancies in Arizona, GPS is largely unscarred by that shortage.

The district is seeking to fill only four teaching positions, according to its website.

But it’s also recruiting for paraprofessionals, bus drivers and nutrition workers – all for jobs, both part time and fulltime, in the current school year.

The district’s website shows the two biggest categories of jobs it’s seeking to fill are under special services – with 86 vacancies – and coaches, with 43 empty slots. 

The special services vacancies involve jobs like auditorium coordinator, instruction assistant and paraprofessional specialists, assistants and technicians to service in a wide range of programs assisting teachers and helping to run various after- and before-school programs. 

Some of those programs involve working with special needs students.

Coaches are needed for a number of GPS high school and junior high athletic programs, although at least also in that category is Campo Verde’s search for an accompanist for its music program.

Among the 19 support staff positions the district is seeking to fill are jobs such as security and crossing guards as well as site and activities coordinators.

The pay for all these jobs varies greatly, ranging from a minimum hourly wage to as much as $102,000 for the only administrative vacancy – director of transportation.

In most if not all cases, successful candidates will need to pass a criminal background check as well as the standard review of past employment.

And many involve more activity than just sitting behind a desk.

For example, the job of paraprofessional specialist supervising and providing instruction to severely and moderately disabled students under a certified teacher’s supervision involves “20 percent sitting, 40 percent walking and 40 percent standing.”

People who want to check out what’s available before hitting the GPS job fair should go to

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