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PC Chat presents: Ask Mr. Modem! 7-11-03

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Posted: Friday, July 11, 2003 10:35 am | Updated: 1:08 pm, Thu Oct 6, 2011.

Q. Sometimes when one Web site is taking forever to display, I'd like to be checking out another Web site. Is there a way to do that or can I only visit one site at a time? Robin, Phoenix.

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A. There's nothing more annoying than waiting for a site to ooze onto your screen. While you're cooling your digital heels, there is a way to use that time more productively by opening a new window and surfing to other sites.

In Netscape, select File > Open Web Location (or the keystroke combination Ctrl + Shift + L) and type in the URL (address) of another Web site. If you're using Internet Explorer, it's File > Open (or Ctrl + O) and type in a Web address. As an alternative, using either browser you can press the keystroke combination Ctrl + N to open a new browser window, then type in a Web address.

Q. What is a .DLL file? Howard, Scottsdale.

A. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and is a file shared by one or more programs that require the same commands or instructions. For example, closing a window is the same process for most Windows software, so programs will typically use the same .DLL files to perform this function.

If you have ever been at the receiving end of a message telling you that a certain .DLL file is “not found,” that can occur when one program is looking for very specific instructions within a .DLL file and it doesn’t find the file or the correct version of the file. If you receive a warning message of this type, don’t panic! Visit www.dll-files.com/dllindex/index.shtml where you can download just about any .DLL file you may be missing.

Q. I'm trying to create an advertising flyer using Word, but I want to see what it's going to look like when its full of text. I've seen other document samples that have "dummy" text or filler copy in them. How is that done? Angie, Tucson.

A. Microsoft Word has an undocumented feature that lets you create filler text for this purpose. To do this, type "=Rand(p,s)" (without the quotes) on a blank line and press Enter. Substitute numbers for the "p" and "s" values to indicate how many paragraphs and sentences you would like to include. For example, "=Rand(9,6)" (sans quotes) inserts nine paragraphs, each containing six sentences. All sentences consist of the words, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Nobody ever said it was going to be "Harry Potter."

Mr. Modem's Web Sites of the Week:

Annual Reports Online

The most complete and up-to-date listing of company annual reports and related financial information available on the Web. More than 2,200 annual reports are accessible.


Jackie Kennedy's White House Tour

More than 40 years ago (January 13, 1962, to be precise), Jackie Kennedy conducted a tour of the White House which was broadcast nationally. Nearly 80 million Americans watched as Mrs. Kennedy led the tour through the East Room, State Dining Room, Red Room, and other rooms that she had restored.

This site presents part of that tour, including an interview of the First Lady by reporter Charles Collingwood.



Heralded as the world's largest online database, the TerraServer is Microsoft's fascinating repository for spy-satellite photographs. Locate any spot on earth and zoom in from a satellite photo to find out what's really going on in your neighbor's backyard. The Terraserver works best with high-speed Internet access.


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