The Vent: Feb. 24

“The Mesa Public Library requires photo identification to renew a library cards but no ID is required to vote.”

“I just pray that President Obama can save us from global warming before we all freeze to death.”

“Oh Great Obama, lead us out of this horrible situation. Wait, you couldn’t lead a lemming.”

“I gave up for Lent making contributions to any political party whose members have worked a whopping eight days this year ... and so should you.”

“El Paso, Texas, has the lowest crime rate in the continental U.S. and 85 percent of its population is Hispanic. So the Venter who claims most crimes are committed by minorities is wrong.”

“McCain wonders why Arizonans who attended his town halls are angry over his immigration plan. He keeps saying that he wants the ‘11 million illegals to come out of the shadows.’ Too bad he doesn’t care half as much about the 23 million Americans that are without jobs. He still doesn’t get it.”

“What’s Obama’s beef with homeschooling? Romeike v. Holder is just the latest assault by this administration on our rights. ‘The Obama administration believes that the rights of parents to educate our children is conditional on the government’s approval, a right that is not fundamental but exercised at the whim of our educational overlords.’ ”

“Crude oil prices are approaching $100 a barrel again — while North Dakota, Montana and Canada have been experiencing an unprecedented boom in oil production and have a surplus of oil. And if President Obama approves the Keystone XL Pipeline, that oil can help meet America’s demand as expensive imports from key suppliers like Saudi Arabia continue to plunge.”

“I sympathize with the venting Venter about ‘The Vent’. I have also not written for a long time — basically, because ever since the Trib changed hands, there has been a nasty, sharp-right editorial turn, and so I don’t see my contributions printed anymore. The same, old cranks spout off, and it gets really tiresome. Every now and then, the column condescends to print something other than Tea Party rantings, but that is few and far between. This gives the impression that there are more extreme right Gilbert citizens than I believe there are. The Trib does Gilbert a big disservice this way.”

“Tyranny is a government that punishes success and rewards those that take advantage of the welfare system generation after generation, a government that tells us what and how much we can eat and drink, a Government that that is lock step with the media in promoting only one agenda and demonizes anyone in opposition. A media that holds only one side of government accountable for lies and corruption. Pretty much what we have today in the U.S.”