Rats invading Mesa neighborhood?

A Mesa man is asking his neighbors to start doing their part to help fight the growing rat population in their community.

"They started appearing about three years ago," says Eric Mahaffey.

And it’s a nightmare he’s been dealing with ever since.

Mahaffey says the rats have taken over his house and neighborhood. "I can show you the rat. It's right here behind my chicken coop."

Eric can trap as many as eight rats a night, and places those traps strategically around his yard.

He tries to stay on top of the problem, but says he can't do it by himself.

The overgrowth of vegetation in the alleyway behind his house isn't helping the problem.

"If you clean up your properties and disrupt the area where the rats live, they will leave and I would be happy because I won’t have to lay traps anymore,” said Mahaffey.

Mesa code enforcement officials say it’s important to keep the vegetation trimmed in the alleyway, and those areas are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.

If you're concerned alleyways in your neighborhood aren't up to code, you can call your city's code enforcement office and they will come and do an inspection.

Photo: A Mesa man is asking for his neighborhood's help in stopping rats which have infiltrated the area.