Kevin Robert Theriault
Kevin Robert Theriault

Police say Kevin Robert Theriault told them that he just wanted to go home to do his taxes, but they caught him doing something less patriotic — and in front of Lady Liberty.

Police say Theriault, 42, of Chandler, repeatedly exposed himself and masturbated in front of a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty to promote the Liberty Tax service in Tempe. He was arrested Monday on suspicion of indecent exposure and public sexual indecency.

Police say the man exposed himself to the woman three times in three weeks near the corner of McClintock Drive and Elliot Road before she reported the incident to authorities on April 14. Investigators identified Theriault as an investigative lead by reviewing similar cases through the Tempe Police Criminal Intelligence Center and the East Valley Fusion Center.

Suspecting that Theriault again would expose himself on tax day, police set up surveillance near the area where the woman would be working that afternoon, and shortly after 5 p.m. officers observed a man drive up in his Jeep Liberty, unzip his pants and begin to masturbate after he got out of his vehicle while looking at the woman standing in the parking lot of the business.

Theriault was booked into the Tempe City Jail on suspicion of three counts of public sexual indecency and three counts of indecent exposure. Police are reviewing other open public indecency cases to see whether they are connected to Theriault.

It wasn’t immediately known whether the woman knew Theriault.

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What a winner...


He told the police he was making a charitable contribution [whistling]

Haddie Nuff

Has someone explained to this guy that the birther bill was vetoed, and there's no need to show proof of circumcision?

(Also, that's someone in a costume, Dude. It isn't really Lady Liberty.)



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