Mesa Electric Charging Station

Drivers of electric vehicles in need of a recharge have four locations to refill their meter in downtown Mesa.

A press release from the city states there are four charging locations that offer two or more charging units in the downtown area. The four stations, which are level 2 and offer 240 volt AC input, are located at the Main Public Library, the Mesa Arts Center, the Mesa Convention Center and the parking lot located at 125 W. Pepper Place.

Every charging station can refill a fully-depleted electric vehicle batter in four to six hours, and charging costs range between $1 and $2 an hour based on a user’s Blink membership level.

“The EV charging stations make it quick and easy to recharge and will hopefully help persuade people shopping for a new vehicle to consider gong electric,” said Frank McRae, director of the City of Mesa Energy Resources Department. “We encourage going electric as a means of diminishing the country’s dependence on foreign oil and reducing carbon emissions, as well as a way to support a cleaner environment.”

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The parking lot is not located at "12 W. Pepper Place".
It's located at 136 W. Pepper Place, Behind Pomeroy's.


Allow me to say thank you to the city of Mesa on behalf of both electric vehicle owners outside city employees in Mesa. On a lark, some TV station should setup 24 hour survalance on these stations to see how often they are used. Interestingly, in was on tomorrow's date that the electric automobile was introduced in 1888. As you can see, 120 years of little interest hasn't stopped cities and the government from throwing away our money.

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