Rich Crandall

Sen. Rich Crandall, R-Mesa, is pictured talking about the Fiesta Bowl scandal in March 2011. (AP file photo)

State Sen. Rich Crandall says he plans to resign from the Legislature later this year, after the current session is over but before the 2014 session.

According to the Arizona Capitol Times ( ) , the Mesa Republican says he has received numerous offers to work as an education consultant for various groups, school districts and national education leaders.

Crandall is chairman of the Senate Education Committee and a former member of the Mesa Unified School District's governing board.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors would appoint a midterm replacement. The board would choose from among three possible replacements recommended by Republican Party officials in Crandall's legislative district.

Crandall was re-elected in November, defeating a more conservative state representative in the GOP primary for the Senate seat in a redrawn district.

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downtownresident: Where are you Mr. Ethical? Did you finally break your Glass Stomach so you can see? Calling people Midgets? Your probably one of those people that has Little Man's Disease. If anyone need's help,it's you.


downtownresident: Your Flapping mouth and Stupidity never ceases to Amaze!


Ateam1 ,
Maybe you can ask the ethical midget, Mr. Crandall, to help you with your spelling, punctuation and grammar, after he retires. You need it.


Good bye to the most liberal republican in the senate.


Yeah, he is going to sit on OBAMA'S Board of supervisor Elects for school discipline![beam]


sk: Agreed


Can anybody say conflict of interest? He is just another member of the good ole boy club in the east valley. You have to be of a certain religious affiliation to be a member.


Exactly, mesateacher. When he was on the MPS Governing Board, he addressed a board room full of educators and said, "You people* are lucky to even be working."
(*a la Romney)

Others often commented about "the board member who thinks he is a superintendent".

Whatever Mr. Crandall stood for to be elected in November has now been surpassed by what must be the only thing he stands for: The waft of the money being waved under his nose.

And, he has never been an educator, just hung around them pretending that he cares about education in Arizona.

Good riddance.


He'll be the next superintendent in Gilbert.


Just what the world needs...another education consultant who has never spent a day as a teacher or even a principal. When will people wake up and realize that one of the reason education is so messed up, expensive, and wasteful is because of all these consultants.


Scum really does rise to the top of the pond.
Add influence peddling to his resume.
At least that's an open conflict of interest.
Are there no ethical people left??????????


He will not be missed. It's a shame if he goes to any of the AZ schools.

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