Gabriel Ogbonnaya

A Mesa doctor accused of touching two patients in a sexual manner is being held in a Maricopa County jail after an investigation revealed that he allegedly told the women that they "need to have more sex" and touched them where he should not have.

Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya, 43, an internal medicine doctor, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of sexual abuse on Wednesday.

Ogbonnaya was arrested after police launched an investigation into the claims made by the two patients that he touched and "patted" private areas of their bodies at his office in the Augusta Ranch Professional Village office plaza at 2919 S. Ellsworth Road during exams that would not have required him to examine those areas, according to Mesa police.

Ogbonnaya graduated from the University of Nigeria in 1992 and served his residency at Interfaith Medicine in Brooklyn, N.Y. from 2000 to 2003, according to Arizona Medical Board records.

As of Thursday, no sanctions or action had been taken againt Ogbonnaya's medical license and it remained active, according to a spokeswoman at the Arizona Medical Board. No suspensions or restrictions against his license to practice have been put in place at this time because the investigation is in the early stages, said Lisa Wynn, the medical board's executive director.

However, there are two open investigations into Ogbonnaya, including one stemming from the allegations that led to his arrest, Wynn said.

Ogbonnaya’s attorney told the Tribune on Friday that the allegations against the doctor are “absolutely outrageous,” and that she believed the police have not conducted a thorough investigation.

“We deny any type of improper conduct,” Ogbonnaya’s attorney, Jan Buescher, said. “We have reason to believe that the two patients may know each other. Another thing that leads to the suspicion of these allegations is that Dr. Ogbonnaya has a policy of having another member of the staff in the room during an examination.”

But based on the similar reports from the two women, authorities believe there may be more victims who came in contact with Ogbonnaya, police said.

Police are requesting that anyone who was a victim or may know one to call Mesa police at (480) 644-2211.

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@Kim I think something stinks in your closet!

chris thomas

@kim...Two charges of lying to the police...I`m sure Mesa PD will be only too happy to speak with you...And lying on a public message board as well...What pill did she get?

Sorry Kim, but you are a coconspirator in a crime,not sure if its extortion, I`m not a lawyer but I can`t wait for Jan Buescher to get you on the stand....


YNGATHART: Please come forward and tell what happened to you. It would help the investigation. Please be brave and strong because he did this to my best friend. Do the right thing. I hope you are not emotionally damaged for what he did to you. If you're ready, call (480) 644-2211


I'm the one who took my best friend to the police, she is the 2nd girl who came forward abut this man. He did terrible things to her when all she went in for was anxiety and trouble sleeping. He gave her a pill, and kept her their for 3 hours "monitoring" her, he'd leave the room and kept coming back to molest her more. He told her knowing she was married, that she need a new boyfriend. He even asked her if he could pick her up at her house sometimes to go jogging with her. I am SO sad and upset this happened to my best friend. AND NO she does NOT no the first victim. What he said on the news was complete bullshit. He didn't have his assistant in the room with him when he molested her. She came over to my house right after and was completely traumatized! Put this in to Gods hands and he will do what's right. If this Doctor did something to you, please come forward and tell the truth. Get this man put away before he does it to someone else. Please please please come forward. You could be saving a life. Please call 480-644-2211 and report him. Thank you!


Dude, you are doctor, you should be making tons of cash, and cash, without being a total moron should allow you to hook up with many different women. You should not need to be doing this, unless you are just a flat out and out loser.......

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