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Blasi: Coyote excellence

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Posted: Saturday, May 24, 2014 1:15 pm

Good evening faculty, family, friends, and fellow graduates of the greatest class to ever walk the halls of Campo Verde High School: the Class of 2k14! Each of us has influenced the culture of our school in our time spent here. We arrived here four, short years ago and were told we could do anything; we could change the world. Most of us can remember our first day, seeing the upperclassmen and thinking, “They are huge.” Now, we are the upperclassmen seeing the freshmen and thinking, “We were never that small!” How times have changed! We are ready to leave, yet at this moment we can't help but look back on what, and who, helped us get here. During these four years, we have all learned and lived the core tenets of Campo Verde High School;

Community, Values, Honor, and Scholarship:

Community was defined by where we worked or volunteered, where we played club sports or where we were born, where we worshiped on Sunday or with whom we spent our free time. Our shared community has been this beautiful campus, our home away from home … Campo Verde High School. We built relationships and forged friendships with one another — investing in not only our personal development, but in the betterment of others’ lives. Our class has completed over 14,000 hours of community service. We have served internationally, in Africa, Greece and Honduras. We have served locally, painting homes and donating food, blankets and shoes. We stood up for and lent a helping hand to others in need. As we grow older, we will find ourselves in new communities. It is my sincere hope that we continue to serve others, to be thankful and pay it forward.

Values, we learned, define our character and our character determines our actions. We all put energy and effort into the things, and the people, we value. Throughout these four years, each of us has struggled, faced times that forced us to make choices, based upon our values, that would shape who we are and reveal what we believe. We learned what we stood for and what we wouldn’t tolerate; what we believed to be right and what we felt was wrong. We made friends and let go of others. We continued this process until we found the people whose values were most like our own. As we leave CVHS, I hope we continue to be conscious of the impact that our values have upon the course of our lives.

Honor, though tough to define, is our shield and our sword. As we have been busy becoming the awesome people we are, we have been crafting our honor. Honor is what keeps us on course; allowing us to deflect the things that threatened to compromise our integrity and muster the courage to fight for the things in which we believed. In four years our character has been tested. We have been challenged to do the right thing everyday no matter what the circumstances may be; excellent in our thoughts and intentions, our actions and reactions. That was the case during our time here at Campo and it will be the case for the rest of our lives.

Scholarship. We spent the past 12 years in school. We learned to think, to lead to solve problems and to recover from setbacks. We understand that true scholarship does not mean earning an “A” in a class — it means continually reaching for a new “personal best.” Whether going on to a university, college, or trade school or heading right into the work force, the armed forces, maybe serving a mission, or traveling the world … push yourself! Take the extra class that interests you. Study abroad. Learn every day from the people you meet and the experiences you have and do more than you ever thought you could do.

In conclusion, our high school lives are over and our years here but stepping stones to the world outside these walls. As we walk off this field and through the gates, I leave you with this …

Be someone who lives to tell stories of life experienced, not life dreamt.

Do something crazy everyday. Don’t take life too seriously. Meet new people. All the while remember to be aware of the community that supports you, the values and honor that define your actions and your reactions, and the knowledge gained along the way. No matter where we go or what we do, we will face challenges. What I'm hoping is we can meet those challenges straight on with heads held high and hearts wide open. It's not enough to simply try to get by in life. That doesn't move the world forward. We must try to excel in everything we do, strive for excellence in every task, large or small. Find a passion and never settle.

So … whether you are a nerd, an athlete, a socialite, a wallflower, or an “in-betweener" … Go change the world!

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