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E-mail exchange between H. Steven Johnson and Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman

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Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007 4:08 pm | Updated: 6:53 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

Email to District 22 Republican PCs from Steve Johnson

From: "District 22"

To: "District 22 PC's"

Subject: Fw: Fundraising aids family after fire razes hom

Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 11:56:15 -0700

District 22 and friends,

A fire department standing around watching a fire destroy a building, then spread to a nearby vehicle, then spread to another structure. Is this Gilbert’s finest, at Gilbert’s finest hour? No.

How many of you could see your neighbor’s house on fire, and if you knew what to do, would just stand there and do nothing while watching it burn? After all, it’s not your house. You have nothing to gain from helping a neighbor. How much is he going to pay you to help? Are you going to contemplate all possible liabilities?

No. You are just going to be a good neighbor – a Good Samaritan. After all, you would expect him to do the same for you if the roles were reversed.

Imagine the Mayor of Gilbert’s house was on fire. Imagine all of Gilbert’s firemen were off duty or on-strike. Imagine the Mesa fire department showing up and deciding to just stand and watch it burn. Imagine how red-faced and angry the Mayor would be. He would be righteously angry, wouldn’t he? Do unto others, Mr. Mayor.

This is the results of the greedy, arrogant and imperialistic policies of Mayor Steven Berman, Vice-Mayor Dave Crozier, Councilmen Steve Urie, Don Skousen, Les Presmyk, Councilwomen Joan Krueger, Linda Abbot, and former Councilman Larry Morrison.

In the old days the conqueror would come into a village and rape, plunder, pillage, and burn in order to take over new territory. This is different? How?

H. Steven Johnson


First Vice-Chairman

Legislative District 22 Republican Committee


Response from Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman

From: Fun Mayor

To: district22@cox.net

Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007 12:37 AM

Subject: RE: Fw: Fundraising aids family after fire razes home

District 22-

I will never accept the socialist agenda of people like Steve Johnson. I don't think our founding fathers and certainly no true conservative believes in redistribution of the wealth. We also don't believe in "nanny" government where if you don't like the flavor of "welfare" you are being offered, well, we just need to find you one that will make you happy.

If you believe the government should take from those who have and give to those who want, you are looking for the socialist party, not the republican party. The people in the county islands chose not to be part of Gilbert and are not entitled to services paid for by people who are. That was a campaign issue in the recent election and clearly the residents agreed with the position of the incumbents.

Take a good look at what Steve Johnson has done to your district. You can't get 35 people to show up to a meeting to form a quorum. You supported three candidates for Gilbert Town Council, two didn't make it to the general election and the third lost by a landslide in the general. You not only couldn't defeat any of the incumbents, you couldn't even take the open seat. Your hero Dave Petersen served one term and was voted out of office, beaten by a "walk on" with half the money and none your of valuable support.

I respect the recently defeated council candidates, they were man enough to step in the ring and try. Even Fred Phillis, Jan Hibbard and David Molina, who had no chance of ever getting elected to anything, were man enough to run for office and take the inevitable beating.

Steve Johnson is the worst kind of coward, not only is afraid to run for office him self, he tries to talk people with no chance of winning into running for office. Steve Johnson is trying to find someone, any one to run for mayor. Be a man Johnson, for the first time in your life, and run for Mayor your self. I suggested that to you in person once, and by the look on your face you wet your pants.

Come on Johnson, its easy: just compare my education with your education, my military service, with your military service, my financial successes with your financial success, my leadership experience with your leadership experience, and let the people decide. What do you say Johnson?

Ask your buddies at Dist 22,, they're behind you. I will even concede to your their highly prestigious endorsement and even the awesome support of our legislators and of course, the VBO. With all that going for you, and your quick mind, you should be a formidable candidate. In fact I cry my self to sleep every night just worrying about it.

Don't puff up and threaten me behind my back like you do so often, take me on, BE A MAN. Who am I kidding? Steve Johnson, you have never achieved anything of significance in life, you are a loser, just like your mother said you were going to be, content to hide in the shadows of politics, crawl out when someone's back is turned, throw a rock, and then retreat.

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