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Graduation speeches from Williams Field High School in Gilbert

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Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2014 8:00 am

Ernesto Trejo:

2010. New vans, new shorts, new batman shirt, new school. Williams Field High School. I was one of many new Blackhawks, a little nervous and excited. We walked through the gauntlet of incredibly enthusiastic students — my new peers. We all funneled into freshmen orientation where we were official deemed Blackhawks.

Then four years went by. Within those years I made some friends, won some games, and did all of my homework of course. So now here we are in 2014, our graduation. The next chapter of our lives is in our reach.

I have a nephew, his name is James, he has a big head. I enjoy spending time with him and I find his behavior amusing. He never wants to eat and sleep and always wants to play. I suppose we all used to be that way. But now, all I ever want is to eat and sleep. Then I thought back to a time, not long ago, when I couldn’t talk, when I couldn’t walk, helpless on my own but safe in my parents arms. Did they think about this day, as I lay cradled to them? Did they ever consider the day that their own creation would participate in high school graduation?

I wonder this because I know when I gave them a fragile stare and faint smile; I never thought of a day that I would have to leave them. I just watched the world rise and fall as my mom pushed me in my favorite airplane swing. Hitting my Dad in the chest while we played catch.

As we grow we are constantly fascinated with the many wonders life that this planet displays. We see grown-ups and think we cannot wait to be like them. Then as teens we feel suffocated by all the strict regulations installed by our parents, and we think we know best; cannot wait to grow up and set my own rules! But now as that time in my life sits on my doorstep, I keep thinking back. Wishing I could swing in my airplane just once more.

I have come to accept that no one is really ever ready for this next step, this transition. Our lives are all going to get raddled and anyone who thinks they already have it figured out, will get put on their back. But I am confident we will all make it.

Think about a tree and all it’s various branches. It all started as a small seed. We are all that seed except we get to choose what kind of tree we wish to be. Where will you grow? Who will be welcome to rest in your shade? Can you be cut down? Will you play in the summer? What will you shed in the fall? Will you survive the winter? What will you make of the spring? These are the questions we move forward to answer.

“ Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.”

-Ally Condie

I just want everyone to know this. No matter how low you sink, how much you lose, if you break, as long as you have a pulse and a fire inside, you have not lost. No one can take your will. Shoot for the furthest star and do not let anyone deflect you from your goal. This is your life! Be humble, and forgiving, but live the life you are willing to work for.

My favorite memories from these four short years consist of nights and aimless drives, with my friends. I used to think we were so restricted in these years but we will never again be so free. Free from the hassle we all will inherit before we can obtain more power. So for one last time, lets run this town Class of 2014.

Here, at Williams Field, we have grown strong and soared high. Now is the time to leave the nest Blackhawks, now is the time to fly! We own this night. We own our lives!

Valeria Milovanova:

Good evening to all of our families, esteemed faculty and administration, and finally — our lovely graduating Class of 2014.

I’d like to begin by stating the obvious — each and every graduating class following ours has some pretty large shoes to fill. From athletics to academics, from student council to the National Honor Society to band and theatre, we have truly excelled in every endeavor and I am proud to say that I am part of Williams Field’s Class of 2014.

What I believe predominantly sets us apart is the strong sense of passion in each one of us. The passion for academics was clearly visible in the countless hours we spent memorizing Hamlet quotes. The passion to excel in athletics was seen in every game, every practice, every minute each one of our athletes dedicated to performing their best and making their fellow Blackhawks proud. The passion for school spirit was evident in the loud cheers of our student section during each game, as well as our school assemblies. This form of enthusiasm, this sort of contagious energy is definitely something that I will never forget.

It was through these experiences that we discovered the value of persistence. There lives a dream inside of each individual; what separates those who accomplish their goals from those who don’t is a strong sense of commitment, and an even stronger sense of faith in themselves. We have spent the last four years learning that success can only come from an abundance of hard work, which is fueled by our enthusiasm. A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, but rather through the work we are willing to put in — there will always be a way to attain our goals, even when we think we have exhausted all of our options. We can never give up on attempting to accomplish what we believe is our calling in life; where there is both love and inspiration, we can never go wrong. We were brought into this world with no sense of what we could and couldn’t accomplish. It is through past experiences that life falsely taught us to limit ourselves. Right now is the point in our lives when it is crucial to resort back to our primitive state of mind, identify with our desires, and never stop working until they are fulfilled.

These last four years were never really about memorizing math equations — we were meant to discover our passions in life, and develop the sense of determination necessary to achieve our happiness.

I am in no position to say that these were the best or worst four years of my life, considering that I don’t have much to compare them to. But I can definitely say that these were the most memorable four years, and Class of 2014, I am happy that I have had the opportunity to share them with you.

Amanda Pinkerton:

Attention Class of 2014. I want to start by thanking you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your student body president.

And as your student body president, I wanted to incorporate the voices of a few of your peers into my speech. I asked a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior what they were going to miss most about the Class of 2014.

Beginning with the freshman, I will read off their message to you:

What I love about the Class of 2014 is how they welcomed all the freshman; they made it so easy for us to look up to them. I can honestly say that I like the seniors more than anyone else because of how amazing they all are. I wish you all the best!

The message from the sophomore:

The Class of 2014 could always make me laugh; talking to any senior just walking in the hallway would always put a smile on my face. I will definitely miss the sense of humor that our seniors had.

The message from the junior:

What I am going to miss is the excitement and the hype they brought to the school. Chris Kobar and Chris Foster were my partners and next year is going to be hard without them. Good luck with the future to all of you.

The message from the senior:

I’m going to miss the feeling of unity our class has. Before senior year we didn’t have big red rage, but with it everyone felt more unified and spirited. The Higley game, for instance, when we threw the flour, was a game to remember. That was what senior year was about and that feeling of unity, excitement, and family remained for the rest of the year. The Class of 2014 stepped up to prove that this wasn’t any ordinary, graduating class, but a class that would always stick together and have fun!

And those were the voices of your peers.

Class of 2014, I want you to stand briefly if you participated in any clubs throughout high school.

Thank you. Please be seated.

I want you to stand briefly if you participated in any sports.

Thank you. Please be seated.

I want you to stand briefly if you took any Honors, Dual Enrollment, or AP courses.

Thank you. Please be seated.

I want you to stand briefly if you participated in ROTC or if you are joining the military.

Thank you. Please be seated.

Finally, I want you to stand if you are a Black Hawk of the Class of 2014. Now, stay standing for a minute.

This is unity. Regardless of whether you know the person next to you, or not. Regardless of whether you were a part of any sports, clubs, or honors classes. We all have one thing in common: we are the Black Hawks of the Class of 2014 and here we stand, together, united.

Thank you.

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