The owners of the new Uptown Cheapskate resale shop are looking to families new and old as they develop a broader clientele base.

The family-owned business located adjacent to Chandler Fashion Center purchases used clothing and items like jewelry and purses and resells them to customers. It is currently in its buying phase — paying for products from customers in order to stockpile its inventory — and co-owner Brenda Spezzacatena said it will make its grand opening Nov. 7.

Spezzacatena and her mother, Molly Varner, have managed the Ahwatukee Kid to Kid resale store — a shop that buys and sells clothing and accessories for children — for 10 years.

Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid are owned by the same parent company, BaseCamp Franchising, and they run the same business model. Uptown Cheapskate, however, targets clients between ages 18 and 35, and many of its customers are grown-up Kid to Kid shoppers.

“We just felt this was the next logical step to take, that those parents who started with us in the beginning can now come over to a new concept, and that we can gear to a whole other demographic now,” Spezzacatena said.

Spezzacatena said those families have anchored Chandler’s Uptown Cheapskate during its buying phase, but a new market is emerging.

“We’ve really noticed it expanding outward,” she said. “Word of mouth is getting around, so we’re seeing it come from different areas now.”

Although new families are joining the clientele, Uptown Cheapskate retains a staff ballasted by one family. Three generations of the Spezzacatena family will run the store. Brenda and her mom will work in the back with Jon Spezzacatena, Brenda’s husband, and the Spezzacatenas are training their two kids to be assistant managers. Part of the kids’ job is to determine if the products offered to them are worth buying.

“It definitely brings you closer together, too,” Brenda said. “My mom and I started Kid to Kid. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way without her — and the same with this.”

Jon said working at Uptown Cheapskate and Kid to Kid is a relaxing change of pace from his job as a fire captain at Ak-Chin Indian Community. The 24-year fire veteran spends his days off doing resale with his family. He said they take pride in being a family-owned business.

Uptown Cheapskate’s products range from no-name brands to high-end items, Brenda Spezzacatena said.

It caters to both men and women, although the owners are trying to increase business for their men’s selection.

She said she envisions the grand opening having huge giveaways, entertainment and food trucks. Until then, the store — at 3454 W. Chandler Blvd., Suite 18 — will purchase merchandise from sellers seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

“People can come in anytime to sell their stuff,” she said. “We’re there; we’re waiting to buy and looking forward to starting new relationships like we had at Kid to Kid and starting new relationships with new customers.”

• James Anderson is a junior at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is an intern with the Tribune this semester. Reach him at

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