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Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2005 7:46 pm | Updated: 7:34 am, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

List of historical sites and links to photos and/or information about them.


Skeleton Cave Massacre Site, also known as Skull Cave; address restricted, Apache Junction. 1850-1874.


Tubercular Cabin; 6140 Skyline Drive., Cave Creek. 1900-1924, 1925-1949.

Cave Creek Service Station; 6141 Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek. 1925-1949, 1950-1974.


Sears/Kay Ruin; also known as Arizona State Museum; address restricted, Carefree.


George L. Ellis House; 105 Cattle Track, Scottsdale.

Petroglyph Site - address restricted, Scottsdale

Scottsdale Grammar School, also known as Little Red School House; 7333 E. Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale.

http://www.franklloydwright.org/index.cfm?section=tour&action=taliesinwest" class="content-link" target="515">Taliesin West, also known as Taliesin in the Desert, Taliesin on the Maricopa Mesa; north of junction of Shea Boulevard and 108th Street, Scottsdale. 1938, 1937.

Frank Titus House, also known as Stevenson House; 1310 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale. 1875-1899.


Edward L. Jones House; 5555 N. Casa Blanca Drive, Paradise Valley. 1925-1949.


J. D. Cooper Saloon; 202 W. Fifth St., Tempe. 1888.

Dines/Hight House; 120 W. Seventh, Tempe. 1889.

Eisendrath House; 1400 N. College, Tempe. 1930.

Elias-Rodriguez House, also known as Irene Rodriguez Residence; 927 E. 8th St., Tempe. 1885.

Ellingson Warehouse, also known as Hicks' Machine Shop; 24 W. 7th St., Tempe. 1909.

Elliott House; 1010 Maple Ave., Tempe. 1929.

Farmer/Goodwin House, also known as Hiram Bradford Farmer Residence; 820 Farmer Ave., Tempe. 1883

Frankenberg House; 129 E. University Drive, Tempe. 1910

D.J. Frankenberg House; 2222 S. Price Road, Tempe. 1915.

George N. Gage House; 115 W. University Drive, Tempe. 1888.

http://www.tempe.gov/museum/hps142.htm" class= "content-link" target="331">Gonzales/Martinez House, also known as S & S Painting; 320 W. 1st St., Tempe. 1880.

Goodwin Building, also known as Chief Dodge, Reverie Antiques, Happy Trails; 512-518 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. 1907

Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium, also known as No. 140 - NE Corner of Mill Avenue and Apache Boulevard, Tempe. 1964.

Mary and Moses Green House, also known as Kasson Ranch House; demolished, formerly at 301 E. Carver Road, Tempe. 1889.

http://www.tempe.gov/museum/hps236.htm" class= "content-link" target="984">Roy Hackett House, also known as Hilge House and Bakery; 401 and 405 Maple St., Tempe. 1888.

Harrington/Birchett House; 202 E. 7th St., Tempe. 1895.

Hayden Flour Mill; 119 Mill Ave., Tempe. 1918.

C. T. Hayden House, also known as La Casa Vieja; 3 W. 1st St., Tempe. 1871.

Hiatt/Barnes House; 1104 Ash Ave., Tempe. 1928.

Hotel Casa Loma; 398 Mill Ave., Tempe. 1899.

Industrial Arts/Anthropology Building; ASU Campus (Bldg. 4), Tempe. 1914.

Joseph E. Johnson House; demolished, formerly in back of 720 Mill Ave., Tempe. 1883.

Rev. Daniel Kloss House, also known as P. P. Daggs, Nielson, Neeb House; 202 E. 6th St., Tempe. 1895.

Hugh Laird House; 821 S. Farmer, Tempe. 1908.

Samuel C. Long House; 27 E. 6th St., Tempe. 1910.

Tempe Normal School, Main Building,also known as Old Main; ASU Campus, Tempe. 1890.

Matthews Hall, ASU Campus (Bldg. 172), Tempe. 1918.

Miller Block, also known as Farmers and Merchants Bank; 418-422 Mill Ave., Tempe. 1900.

Jesus Miranda Homestead; 1992 E. University, Tempe. 1877.

Benjamin B. Moeur House; 34 E. Seventh St., Tempe. 1892.

Sidney B. Moeur House;903 Ash Ave., Tempe. 1921.

W. A. Moeur House; 850 Ash Ave., Tempe. 1910.

Morrow/Hudson House; 1203 E. Alameda Drive, Tempe. 1904

C. P. Mullen House, also known as D. R. Van Petten House; 918 Mill Ave., Tempe. 1924.

E. A. Murphy House; demolished/formerly at 802 Farmer Ave., Tempe. 1888.

Ollerton House; demolished/formerly at 1004 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. 1924.

Samuel Openshaw House, also known as Reed House; demolished, formerly at 104 W. 6th St., Tempe. 1883.

Petersen/Chipman Building; 409-413 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. 1898.

Niels Petersen House; Southern Avenue and Priest Street, Tempe. 1892.

Poil/Hampton House; 4070 S. Priest Drive, Tempe. 1904.

President's House, also known as University Archives; ASU campus, Tempe. 1907.

Byron Redden House; 948 Ash Ave., Tempe. 1918.

Lowell Redden House; 333 Carver St., Tempe. 1920.

Rohrig School;demolished/formerly at 2328 E. University Drive, Tempe. 1989.

Sachs/Goodwin House; 116 E. Sixth St., Tempe. 1896.

Salt River Southern Pacific RR Bridge; Salt River near Mill Avenue, Tempe. 1912.

Sampson/Tupper House; 109 W. 6th St., Tempe. 1888.

B. H. Scudder Rental House; demolished, formerly at 911 S. Maple Ave., Tempe. 1928.

St. Mary's Church, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church; College and University Avenue, Tempe. 1903.

Steward House; 612 Maple Ave., Tempe. 1893.

Tempe Beach Stadium; Ash at 1st St., Tempe. 1934.

Tempe Bridge, also known as Ash Avenue Bridge, Salt River Bridge; abandoned road over Salt River, Tempe. 1913.

Tempe Concrete Arch Highway Bridge; Mill Avenue and Salt River, Tempe. 1931.

Tempe Cotton Exchange Cotton Gin Seed Storage Building; 215 W. 7th St., Tempe. 1900-1924.

Tempe Depot; Third St. & Railroad Avenue, Tempe. 1924.

Tempe Hardware Building, also known as I.O.O.F. Hall, Cosmopolitan Hall, Curry Hall; 520 S. Mill Ave. Tempe. 1898.

Tempe Woman's Club; 1290 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. 1925-1949.

Vienna Bakery, also known as Golden Temple Building: 415 S. Mill Ave., Tempe. 1893.

Walker/Montgomery House; 118 E. 7th St., Tempe. 1903.

E. M. White Dairy Barn, also known as Ox Bow; 1810 E. Apache, Tempe. 1919.


Civil Engineering Maintenance Shop; junction of of 11th and A streets, NE corner, Williams AFB, Mesa.

Demountable Hangar - North Apron; Williams AFB, Mesa. 1925-1949.

Evergreen Historic District; roughly between Country Club and Macdonald, north of University Drive to 8th Street, Mesa. 1910, 1947.

Flagpole; 10 Street between D and E streets, Williams AFB, Mesa.

Housing Storage Supply Warehouse; junction of 11th and A streets, northwest corner, Williams AFB, Mesa.

Irving School; 155 N. Center St., Mesa. 1936.

http://www.mesaaz.org/general/history" class= "content-link" target="118">Lehi School; 2345 No. Home, Mesa. 1913.

Mesa Grande; address restricted, Mesa.

Mesa Journal - Tribune FHA Demonstration Home, also known as Clarence A. and Florence Mitten House; 238 W. 2nd St., Mesa. 1936.

Mesa Woman's Club; 200 N. Macdonald, Mesa. 1917.

Park of the Canals, along Horne Road, north from Utah Ditch S to Mesa-Consolidated Canal, Mesa.

Robson Historic District; roughly bounded by Country Club Drive, Robson and 2nd streets, Mesa. 1915.

Robert Scott House; 2230 E. Grandview St., Mesa.

Sirrine House, also known as Sirrine House Historic Museum, Joel E. Sirrine House; 160 N. Center St., Mesa. 1896.

Spangler/Wilbur House; 128 N. MacDonald St., Mesa. 1915.

Strauch House, also known as Fuller House; 148 N. Macdonald, Mesa.

http://www.ci.mesa.az.us/redevlmt/Historic_Preservation/neighorhoods_Temple.asp" class="content-link" target="596">Temple Historic District; roughly between Mesa Drive, Broadway Road, Hobson and Main streets, Mesa. 1922, 1924.

Water Pump Station and Water Tower; junction or 12th and B streets, northeast corner, Williams AFB, Mesa. 1925-1949

West Second Street Historic District; roughly between Robson and Center streets, from First Street to 3rd St., Mesa. Early 1900s.

http://www.ci.mesa.az.us/redevlmt/Historic_Preservation/neighborhoods_Wilbur.asp" class="content-link" target="866">Wilbur Street Historic Distric; roughly between Pasadena and Pomeroy streets, First Street to 3rd Street, Mesa. 1919-1922.


Chandler Commercial Historic District; roughly bounded Boston, Oregon, Buffalo, and Washington streets, Chandler.

Midvale Archeological Site, also known as Desert Wells (Gila Pueblo 8:12 and 8:13), Two Holl; address restricted, Chandler.

San Marcos Hotel; 1 San Marcos Place, Chandler. 1913." class="content-link" target="194">Suhwaro Hotel, also known as Saguaro Hotel; 58 W. Buffalo St., Chandler.


http://www.gilbert.k12.az.us/info/schools/gilbert/gilbertel.html" class="content-link" target="880">Gilbert Elementary School, also known as The Alamo; Elliot and Gilbert roads, Gilbert. 1913.


Rittenhouse Elementary School, also known as Queen Creek Elementary School; Ellsworth Road, 1 mile north of Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek. 1925-1949.

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