cinnamon roll flapjacks


elcome to my new obsession — pancakes! But not just any pancake. 

These amazing flapjacks get their awesome flavor and look from another one of American’s breakfast favorites, the cinnamon roll. They are so delicious with the built in (or swirled on) goodness of a cinnamon roll with that yummy cream cheese glazed icing over top.

There are a couple of additional steps to making the pancakes and some tricks to making cinnamon roll pancakes perfect.

 First, make sure the cinnamon swirl is not too runny. If so, place it in the fridge for just a few minutes. Runny cinnamon swirl won’t give you the pinwheel look. Finally, give yourself a pancake or two to get the technique down pat. Before you know it, you’ll be on a (cinnamon) roll.

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