Gabriel Allon is back in Daniel Silva’s new novel, The English Spy. Silva’s long running series with Gabriel as its lead, is both exciting and relevant. We get lies, murder, globe-trotting, and some not so good Russians, trying to stop Gabriel from completing his mission.

Silva wastes no time in throwing Gabriel into a pit of intrigue in his now 15th appearance. The legendary spy becomes entangled in an international terror war after the death of a British princess (reminiscent of Princess Diana) aboard her luxury yacht. He is tasked by MI6 to hunt down her killer — Eamon Quinn — in a black ops mission. Gabriel reluctantly agrees, leaving his pregnant wife to serve Queen and country.

To catch Quinn, Gabriel teams up with his longtime friend Christopher Keller. Unknowingly to them, Quinn has a dark connection to both of their pasts. Christopher takes center stage in this story as the titular “English Spy.” His story comes full circle and by the end his life will be quite different from what we’ve seen before.

Before both men get there, the chase leads them throughout Europe, with multiple puzzle pieces operating at once. Without time on their side, both men must make difficult choices to get their man.

Infused with a keen a understanding of history and current geopolitical issues, Silva is able to imbue The English Spy with a sense of reality that other thrillers lack. There’s no need to suspend disbelief in this. We get real world locations and related events (harking back to the bombing of Omagh in 1998) that still have repercussions today — particularly for the characters.

The novel is an all around entertaining thriller, with lots of nonstop action and suspense to keep readers turning page after page.

The English Spy was released this past July and is now available at all major book retailers.

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