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Soap Operas: Dusty gets down and dirty with Molly on ‘As the World Turns’

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Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2003 9:03 pm | Updated: 1:29 pm, Thu Oct 6, 2011.

ALL MY CHILDREN: With help from Jamie, Greenlee learned that the mystery person sending her e-mails is Sydney Bergeron.

Greenlee told Jamie she didn’t know anyone by that name. After learning Bergeron’s address and phone number, Greenlee called, but assumed Bergeron was married when a woman answered, so she hung up. After making love, Michael assured Kendall he has genuine feelings for her. Later, Michael phoned his father and said the ‘‘situation’’ was under control.

Anna and David decided to take baby Leora home after agreeing that she is too little to undergo surgery for a pacemaker. A shocked Opal kept herself from telling Chris that Erica admitted sleeping with Jack. Aidan told Jack that Erica may get upset if Aidan checks Chris’ past. Liza learned Tad knew Jake had an affair with Alison. Carlos told Simone he did not make love with Mia, who came onto him when he comforted her over losing Jake.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Upset over her breakup with Mike, Molly flirted with Dusty, but the two put off making love. Molly refused when Carly tried to get her to return to Mike. Carly said she would carry out Molly’s order to tell Mike she found Molly in a hotel room with Dusty. Carly, who hoped Jack was trying to teach her a lesson with his divorce talk, was stunned when he told her the divorce is in the works.

Mike let Carly move in with him so that he can be a full-time daddy to her baby. Aaron reconciled with Lucy after Alison told Lucy she and Aaron never slept together. Lucy faked a fight with Aaron when Craig saw them together. Alison faked illness after Hal said it would take a medical problem to get her released from jail. Alison got some ‘‘advice’’ from cellmate Darlene, who is a hooker. After waking up to Marshall making love to her, Jessica was stunned he didn’t think he was guilty of sexual assaulting her.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Macy told Lorenzo their marriage isn’t legal, and said she isn’t ready to marry him until she sorts out her feelings for Thorne. Lorenzo warned that returning to Thorne will cause Macy to start drinking again. Thorne said goodbye to Tricia. Not mentioning Ridge, Bridget told Brooke her feelings for her mystery man were friendship, not love. Ridge told Massimo, who wants Ridge and Bridget together, to back off. Massimo bonded with Ridge’s children, but kept mum he is their grandfather. Ridge was unable to tell Eric he isn’t Ridge’s birth father. Rick vowed to stand by Amber.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: As per Victor’s orders, Larry ‘‘confessed’’ to Abe, in exchange for a second-degree murder charge, that he killed Colin. Victor watched from a window as Roman and Abe found Colin’s gun -- right where Victor told Larry it would be. Everyone celebrated when Shawn was released from jail.

Meanwhile, Victor reminded Nicole she owes him big-time for making Larry confess to a murder she committed. Shawn and Belle reunited after he said he drove her away to protect her. While Nancy was in labor, Chloe was prepped for her chemotherapy session. Chloe chose ‘‘Joy’’ when Nancy and Craig let her name their baby girl. Belle and Brady arrived just as Marlena and Tony told Rex and Cassie they are the twins’ parents. Rex realized Tony loves Marlena.

John hired Odell P. Smith (a.k.a. Ops) to help him get the goods on Tony. Roman apologized to Kate for taking off in a panic when she hinted at marriage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Cameron confronted Alexis with his realization that she has been faking her dual personality. When Cameron threatened to go to Scott, Alexis admitted she wasn’t out of it when she killed Alcazar, but said it was self-defense because Alcazar had threatened her. Scott, who suspects Alexis is faking her dual personality, told Cameron that Alexis will stand trial for murder.

Taggert told Gia that Scott thinks Alexis is faking. Alexis signed papers giving Ned permission to take Kristina out of the hospital. Ned accused Faith of killing her grandmother, Catherine (she put poison in her wine), but Monica said Catherine died of natural causes. Faith hired hit woman, Sam, to kill Sonny during the memorial service Carly arranged for Catherine.

Luke covered his feelings for Summer, who said she is falling in love with him, and didn’t know he was Lucky’s father. Summer later went to work for Bree, her former Madam.

GUIDING LIGHT: Gus told everyone at the TV station for Reva’s live talk show that the explosion was caused by a faux bomb. Challenged by Reva, her stalker phoned the TV studio and she kept the person on the phone while Gus and Harley traced the call to the Spaulding house, and Olivia’s cell phone.

Reva talked to Olivia after her arrest, and she denied being the stalker. When she was attuned to Olivia’s innermost thoughts, Reva wondered if her sixth sense had returned. Phillip believed in Olivia’s innocence, but later found incriminating evidence against her. Alexandra got Olivia to sign Alan’s divorce papers after seeing only Olivia’s signature was missing.

Alan returned from Mystic Island vowing to confront Olivia and get his company back. Alexandra noted Alan was acting irrationally. Gus and Harley learned Regina’s bracelet has an ‘‘S’’ design on it that could stand for ‘‘Santos.’’ Alexandra and Edmund discussed the bracelet.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Antonio saw Keri, Liz and little Stephanie off after Keri decided to leave town. Antonio was devastated to later learn Keri, Liz and the baby were killed when their chartered plane crashed. Todd found the beginning of a new hand-written will Victor had been working on before his artificial heart surgery.

Todd and Viki tried to get Victor to videotape a new will, excluding Mitch, but Victor died before he could finish it. Viki and Todd fumed when Mitch, who got out of jail but faces trial, taunted Viki that Llanfair and the entire Lord fortune belongs to him. Mitch told a mystery person that the Lord fortune would soon be theirs.

Mitch picked up a gun Todd threw away. Natalie is convinced Viki loves Jessica more than her. Joey took Flash to see Al, who said the last time he heard from CJ he was in Michigan. A drunken Jen spent the night with Rex. Al is becoming dependent on pills.

PASSIONS: After setting fire to Sheridan’s cottage, Beth hid in the bushes and prayed that Sheridan and Luis would die in the fire. Beth was furious when Luis and Sheridan were rescued. Chad, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Fox realized the cottage fire was purposely set when they saw the gasoline can (Beth) left behind. Beth went after Mrs. Wallace after she foiled Beth’s latest plan to kill Sheridan. Grace was upset Sam let Ivy move into their garage apartment.

Gwen worried when Ethan praised Theresa, who gave away millions of Crane dollars to charity. Julian panicked after he saw that the informant Rebecca is paying to dig up dirt on Theresa is Tom Joyner, a disgruntled former Crane Industries whistleblower. Rebecca convinced Tom not to kill Julian. Liz continued her efforts to take TC away from Eve despite a warning from her friend, Tom. Tabitha arranged for Simone to find Chad and Whitney making love.

PORT CHARLES: Stephen (Caleb) abandoned his plan to kill Lucy when he sensed Tess was in trouble. Kevin realized Stephen (Caleb) wants Tess after he caused Livvie to turn back into Tess. Jack went after Tess, who wanted to resolve things with him but ran off when she saw he was about to make love with Reese. Jack told Tess they’re through, and refused her offer to heal his broken heart. Alison stopped Rafe from killing Ian by turning off the song, ‘‘Naked Eyes.’’

Kevin, Ian and Lucy discovered the hot springs where Stephen (Caleb) gets his ‘‘special’’ water. Elizabeth saw Stephen (Caleb) making love to Tess.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack admitted to Ashley that Kyle is having a hard time adjusting to life without Diane. After realizing that Diane is really suffering over Kyle not being in her life, Phyllis had a change of heart and let Diane see Kyle. Kyle started crying after Diane handed him to Phyllis and left. A hospital supervisor kept Jill and Greg from getting a look at Jill’s original birth certificate. When Jill asked Greg to continue helping her look for her parents, he said he had to return to his practice. Snapper wondered why Jill would want to dig up her past. Snapper told Jill and Greg that Liz’s surgery was successful. Chris told Lynne that Paul knows about her Kelly disguise, and he apologized for having forced her to make love. Lynne suggested that Chris forget about Michael. Victor, Nikki and Rick were relieved Cassie opened her eyes, but they didn’t realize that the girl was still catatonic.

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