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Soap Operas: DOOL’s Marlena remembers giving birth to twins

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Posted: Friday, February 28, 2003 11:45 am | Updated: 1:19 pm, Thu Oct 6, 2011.

ALL MY CHILDREN: David was with Anna when she gave birth to a premature baby girl that she named Leora after Leo. Erica taunted Kendall (who saw Erica with Michael) by flirting with Michael after he admitted having feelings for Kendall.

Kendall ran to Aidan after arguing with Michael and Erica, and Aidan urged her to patch things up with Michael. Erica was furious to learn that to protect her, Chris hired someone to tail her. Jack told Erica she belongs with him. Luis forced Reggie to help him rob Trey’s house. Reggie knocked Trey out to keep him from seeing Luis, and Reggie was arrested when he refused to admit Luis was the real robber. Reggie was surprised Trey posted his bail. Trey told Reggie he was the one who set Erica’s home on fire. Simone kept Mia from finding Jake and Allison making love. Later, Mia was devastated to learn Jake left town. Greenlee received more emails from her secret admirer.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Paul dismissed Rose’s suspicion that Dusty is out to break up Lily and Holden. Rose threatened to tell Paul when Dusty tried to kiss her. Rose was convinced Dusty is up to something after she heard him bait Holden about Lily. Lily later asked Holden if he is jealous of Dusty. Molly flirted with Dusty at his welcome home party. Jack left unnoticed after hearing Carly and Mike discussing baby names while enjoying each other’s company. Carly hoped Jack would change his mind about wanting a divorce, but he asked Tom to draw up the papers. Bartleby tried to kill Katie, who had goaded him into threatening her, then had him arrested. Simon killed Bartleby while saving Katie. Simon left town after giving Henry a note for Katie. Barbara told Will that Alison set the barn fire. Aaron stood up for Alison after she agreed to tell Lucy they never slept together. Barbara gave Hal custody of Will.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Stephanie insisted Bridget was doing the right thing by leaving the country because of her budding feelings for Ridge. Hoping to get Ridge and Bridget together, Massimo stunned Ridge with the news that he is Ridge’s father, and that Bridget was leaving because of her feelings for Ridge. Ridge brought Bridget home, then told her that their relationship is not a romantic one. Brooke told Deacon they will never reunite because she’s sure Ridge will forgive her. Tricia realized she doesn’t have a chance with Thorne after hearing him tell Macy he wants to get back together with her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After sneaking out of the hospital, Shawn rescued Belle and Hope, who were nearly killed by the gas leak Larry caused. On his way home, Bo captured Larry after seeing him heading for the sewer (where Larry had been hiding). Bo and Hope shared a kiss while Roman carted Larry off to jail. Roman arrested Shawn, who admitted killing Colin, but Bo thinks Shawn shot at Colin but missed, then someone else came along and killed Colin with the gun Shawn dropped. Victor told Nicole he has proof she killed Colin, then made her give him the gun and the shells she had picked up at the scene. Victor ordered a jailed Larry to confess he killed Colin, or Larry would be killed, even in prison. After re-enacting what happened to her in the tower room, Marlena remembered giving birth to Rex and Cassie, and realized Tony is their father. A delighted Sami told Nicole and Lexie that Brandon moved in with her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After seeing Summer with Luke, Lucky was convinced she knew all along they were father and son. After Luke and Summer decided to see if they can have a real relationship, she was stunned when Nicholas told her Luke is Lucky’s father. Scott faked sympathy when Summer said seeing Luke and Lucky at the same time was a coincidence. Scott stunned Luke when he revealed Summer is seeing Luke and Lucky. After Alexis was taken to the General Hospital psych ward, Scott vowed she will spend the rest of her life in a prison mental facility for killing Alcazar. It was revealed Alexis is faking her dual personality. Ned told Alexis he would take care of Kristina. Faith put poison in her grandmother Catherine’s wine after she threatened to take Faith out of her will if she kills Sonny while Catherine is alive. Courtney kept Jason from beating Fowler to death after she identified him as her abductor.

GUIDING LIGHT: In Chicago, Gus and Harley found Gina’s grave, and learned an anonymous benefactor pays for the upkeep. After Gus returned home, Harley had Frank and Buzz dig up the casket, which was empty. Edmund helped Alexandra hide a sapphire bracelet from Gus, who tricked her into revealing she had Roy taken to Europe. Harley asked Gus to wait when he wanted to go after Roy. When Edmund said he would no longer work for Alexandra because he was appointed an ambassador, she said she recommended him for the position. A pregnant Olivia checked out OK after she experienced pains. After Olivia admitted Phillip might be the father of her baby, he agreed to help her raise ‘‘their’’ child. Josh told Tony to watch Holly, who arrived for a live TV call-in show Reva hoped would lure her stalker into the open. A suspicious looking backpack Tony found in the TV studio exploded after he threw it out the door.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: After seeing that Victor was alive, Jessica and Viki were stunned to realize Mitch brought Natalie to Victor with the intention of taking Natalie’s heart and transplanting it into Victor, who is dying. Victor fumed when he realized Mitch tried to pass Natalie off as Jessica. Bo, Antonio and the police arrived and arrested Victor and Mitch. After breaking into the office of Mitch’s lawyer, Evangeline, Todd found Victor’s will, which leaves everything to Mitch. While Victor waited for an artificial heart transplant, Mitch urged Viki to let Victor die, but she signed the permission forms. Todd learned Victor was trying to hand-write a will when his heart stopped. Joey sobered up Flash when he found her passed out after she went to a room at The Palace with a drug dealer, Brad. Flash refused to tell Joey about her family, but he later found her at Llanfair looking for her cousin, CJ Roberts.

PASSIONS: Beth insisted Mrs. Wallace is crazy when Sheridan confronted Beth about Mrs. Wallace’s claim Beth tried to kill her and Sheridan. Beth, who was trying to convince Sheridan to leave town, was livid when Antonio came out of his coma. Antonio also regained his eyesight. Everyone but Beth was thrilled that Antonio survived, because she knew Luis and Sheridan would soon reunite. Beth plotted to kill Luis and Sheridan, who shared a romantic reunion. Grace (who knows Ivy is evil) stood up for Teresa when Ivy accused her of shoving her wheelchair down the stairs, nearly killing her. Ethan wasn’t convinced when Theresa and Whitney insisted Theresa didn’t push Ivy down the stairs. Ivy blackmailed Eve into keeping mum she is the sister Liz hates. Liz revealed their father abused her after Eve left home to become a singer. A happy Simone told Kay that Whitney and Chad broke up after Simone faked a suicide attempt.

PORT CHARLES: Lucy shot Stephen (Caleb) through the heart causing his death. Livvie was stunned Stephen (Caleb) died. Livvie turned back into Tess when Jack closed the music box. Tess used her powers to revive Stephen (Caleb). Ian, Jack and Rafe were stunned to find the crypt where they left Stephen (Caleb) empty, and to learn Tess brought him back to life. Jack refused when Tess wanted to reconcile with him. Ian and Rafe learned the secret to defeating Stephen (Caleb) for good is hidden in the song, ‘‘Naked Eyes.’’ Stephen (Caleb) went to kill Lucy, who is the only vampire slayer that can hurt him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: While the family waited at the hospital for word on Cassie’s condition, Nikki was stunned to learn Sharon left town. Nikki slapped Victor, who said he was under the influence of painkillers and tequila when he kissed Sharon. Nick was upset that Sharon wasn’t there for Cassie. Ashley told Nikki to do what she has to do when Nikki said she isn’t sure she can continue to keep Victor in the dark about his being Abby’s father. Jack was surprised to learn Ashley is pregnant. Jill insisted to Larry that she must find her birth parents because she needs answers for some of the evil things she has done over the years. Larry was not happy to find Jill with Frederick, who offered to help her find her birth parents. Jill’s brothers, Snapper and Greg, arrived to support Liz during her surgery. Snapper admitted he knew Jill was adopted, but said nothing because Liz asked him not to.

- Copyright 2003, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

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