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YOUR LETTERS: Maricopa County Sheriff

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Posted: Friday, November 2, 2012 12:49 pm

Editor's Note: These letters to the editor have been sorted by topic by the Tribune editorial staff in an effort to allow readers to read varied opinions on the issues, candidates, and other circumstances surrounding the 2012 general election. These submissions are the opinions of the author, not the Tribune, and have not been edited for grammar or content.

It’s clearly time for a change

Sheriff Joe’s new reelection campaign commercial brags that he’s gotten “nearly 2,000” deadbeat parents to cough up $13 million in past due child support. Really? That works out to less than 100 deadbeat parents a year and a little more than $6,000 per parent. Gosh, no wonder Sheriff Joe doesn’t have time to investigate child sex crimes or serve any of the more than 30,000 outstanding felony warrants floating around his office or investigate the more than $100 million his office has wasted. And, don’t forget that all of his highly publicized immigrant raids on local businesses over the past seven years have resulted in a little over a thousand illegals rounded up. Way to go, Joe!! You sure don’t have any time left over to handle real crimes.

It’s clearly time for a change.

Edward F. Murphy


Arpaio should no longer serve the voters

As a community organizer I have hosted debates and town halls for over 30 candidates for elected office and I have not written an editorial about why an elected official should not be reelected until now.

I believe Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio should no longer serve the voters of Maricopa County and here’s why.

Today I watched a television ad running with the speaker saying Arpaio is a tough opponent of animal abuse. I like that, but in 2007 there were 400 victims of sex crimes who expected to have lady justice on their side but Arpaio failed to adequately investigate these crimes or just did nothing. Of these 400 sex crimes, there were 32 children who were violated by some of these criminals with little or no investigations. Having four children of my own, I can’t imagine what the parents of those 32 children do or say to their abused child. And if my wife or a daughter were sexually abused I, too, would expect swift and harsh penalties for those criminals. Arpaio, are the children and women who were sexually abused not worthy of your constitutional requirement to protect them? Being tough on animal abuse is more important than those ladies and children who were abused? For the record, both are bad.

Arpaio was also charged with a misuse of funds sending deputies on trips to Alaska and Disney Land. That’s right! Sending deputies to Disneyland while those 32 molested children are stuck here with no protection.

Closer to home, many in my community, the Latino community, continue to be targets of Arpaio in his raids targeting Latino businesses. If you look like me, have a Latino last name like me, you are treated differently than Anglos, trust me I’ve seen the Arpaio ‘storm troopers’ in action.

Let’s continue to get rid of those who do more damage to our state than good as voters fired; J.D. Hayworth, Russell Pierce, the only state legislator to be recalled, Andrew Thomas who was disbarred, and Will Cardon, a radical candidate much like Arpaio who was handily defeated by Jeff Flake.

Now, I do believe that there should be some reasonable solution to immigration reform and I also support defending our border. I also was disgusted with Arpaio traveling all across the United States supporting candidates who were as radical as him. It would have been nice for the sheriff to have traveled across Arizona looking for those 400 sex criminals!

Adding the costs outweighing the benefits Arpaio has cost the Maricopa voters tens of millions of dollars of legal fees for his misdeeds while being the Maricopa County Sheriff.

Misuse of power, election law violations, misuse of funds, violation of county procurement rules, racial profiling along with a long list of other violations of an elected official is why I ask Maricopa County voters to join me in supporting Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff. If not for me, do it for the women and children Arpaio failed to protect.

John D. Rodriguez


Sheriff sees animals as more important than children

Am I the only one struck by the inconsistency of Sheriff Joe’s current TV commercial extolling his efforts to hunt down those who abuse animals while there is a major investigation underway about the hundreds of child sex abuse and rape cases he ignored for years?

Sheriff Joe has got to go!

Edward F. Murphy


Arpaio tough on animal abuse, easy on child abuse

I live in Gilbert. The other day I received a flyer for Sheriff Arpaio bragging that he had sent numerous animal abusers to jail. It struck me as unconscionable that the Sheriff would campaign on being tough on animal abuse when he has let a number of child abusers slide. We’re going to reelect this guy? I hope not!

Lewis Craig


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