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Clair 'Van' Steenwyk republican

Van grew up in Bellflower, California in a loving Christian family, where the values of being responsible for your actions mattered, as he believes most were taught in homes and schools at that time.

Van began his political involvement in the 1956 campaign of President Eisenhower, by handing out small pocket-size Presidents books, and he has been active to one degree or another ever since.

Van began working at the age of nine by delivering fliers door to door, followed by washing dishes, shining shoes and mopping floors. He worked in the steel industry and finally in the food industry, where he became an executive with several food companies in California. His clients in the food business were Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, Kroger Markets and Albertsons. He also owned property development and antique businesses.

Van and his wife, Jean, also operated a Christian Outreach on LA's Skid Row, Hollywood Boulevard. They also ran a Christian Coffee/Halfway House with an outreach to a small village in Mexico. This was all done while they both worked full time jobs that supported the work.

Van was asked to go into radio in California, and has been on the air since 2004 in California, Idaho, Florida, and now in Phoenix, with is political talk show, “Crossroads with Van” on KXXT 1010-AM and He interviews office holders and candidates, discusses the issues and provides commentary. Van and Jean are Precinct Captains and State Committeemen, and sponsored candidate forums during the last election cycle and promoted events for others.

Van has been asked to run for office before, but believed that his outreach work and political activity were enough. This year when a group of conservatives asked him again about running for the open U.S. Senate seat, Van and Jean, after a lot of thought and prayer, decided to come out of retirement to be the Christian Constitutional Conservative Republican candidate, where compromise isn't acceptable.

“I believe it's time for business practices to be brought to government, and that all of government must be in compliance with the Constitution, or dissolved – whether departments, agencies or laws. We hope you'll join us. God bless you all.”

Radio Host

Van has done interviews with candidates for all offices in the state of Arizona and people who have information on the important topics and all view points.


A devout Christian, Van realizes the freedom of Religion is one of our most precious freedoms, but has wondered if Political Correctness has gotten in the way.


Van is always getting great information about all the various issues that we face as Americans each day from his guests, each in different industries.

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