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Maricopa County faces many difficult years ahead as does our State and our Federal Government. To make all levels of government responsive to the people it will take leadership that knows how to address these ongoing problems, that knows the laws and understands the constitution.

You, the voters of Maricopa County, deserve leadership which has a track record of making the tough decisions.

Government is a creation of the people to serve the people. Government should have no power unless that power has been granted to it by the people. Our elected officials take an oath and a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of Arizona and the rules and regulations of Maricopa County. I will oppose any overstepping of authority within the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

I have proven in the past that I can meet these requirements. As a small businessman I have spent many years in the private sector creating jobs, complying with government-imposed regulations and learning which regulations are the most counter-productive and detrimental to growth and prosperity.

As an elected official I have made the tough decisions which has helped government run more efficiently. I was voted the #1 friend of the tax payer during my six years as a state senator. As county supervisor, you can have confidence in me to use your tax payers’ dollars in a proper manner and with great discretion. I will also oppose the effort to tax and spend on the county level.

As a judge I felt compassion for those who found themselves in my Court.

However, I exercised my authority as judge in an unbiased manner and that often meant giving appropriate sentencing to those who needed a push to get their lives back on track. I pledge to do the same with county government.

I ask for your support in my bid for County Board of Supervisor District 2.

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