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Bryan and his wife Lourdes own and operate a cleaning contracting business in Youngtown, where they have lived since 1999. As the former mayor, he created business improvements that brought more businesses into Youngtown and had the opportunity to hone his skills by attending the Southwest Leadership Program for the Institute for Local Government, as well as studying Public Policy and Management in local and state government, through the University of Arizona. It is this experience that has lead Bryan to be concerned that our country’s lending institutions are preventing small businesses from being allowed to compete fairly on the marketplace…and Bryan understands small business issues.

Qualifications, however, are not enough to make a man worthy to be elected to the Senate. It is even more important to have a man with character. Bryan is such a man. In December of 2006, Bryan was recalled as mayor because of an unpopular decision that he and three other members of the town council made to terminate the contract of the town manager. Although it was a hard decision to make, he was willing to do what he felt was right for the other members of the community. He will always be willing to put those he serves above his personal glory.

It is that attitude and Bryan’s beliefs as a Christian and a family man, that have lead him to this senate run. He can see that we are falling away from what our country was founded on. The values and morals we once followed and believed in are no longer the guiding principles of our country. Bryan is determined, if elected, to work to bring them back. In addition, Bryan is a supporter of every member of our military branches, whether active duty or retired. He supports their work abroad and at bases throughout Arizona and the United States and will do what he can to insure they are given the respect and honor they so rightly deserve.

"I promise my fellow men and women one thing; that I will work for you, no matter what your party affiliation is. I will fight for your jobs, your businesses, and for your children. What is important to you, is important to me. I am not afraid to fight for what is right, and I will do what is right for you and Arizona."

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