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Mike Stauffer, a 29-year police veteran believes in providing professional law enforcement and public safety services to all Maricopa County residents. Mike is guided by the Constitutional principles of due process and equality under the law as originally intended by the Founding Fathers.

Mike is concerned with the current state of law enforcement in Maricopa County. The constant string of lawsuits and lack of cooperation on the part of the Sheriff's Office with other law enforcement agencies has seriously degraded the quality of public safety in the county. The current command staff has turned away from crime prevention and suppression in favor of political grandstanding and expansion of power.

Mike pledges to work to improve inter-agency communication and cooperation between all law enforcement in Maricopa County on all levels.

“The "go it alone," “rule through fear and intimidation” attitude of the current administration is inappropriate in dealing with today's public safety issues. What is needed is strong cooperation and mutual respect between law enforcement leadership and personnel in Maricopa County. This new relationship will strengthen our ability to insure the safety and quality of life for all residents of Maricopa County. We will work together with all local, state and federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies to make this our top priority.”

Since 1983, Mike has been a member of the law enforcement community. He began his career with the NYPD as an Auxiliary Police Officer, while earning his undergraduate degree in Government & Politics at St. John's University. Upon graduation, he went on to a full time career with NYPD. Mike was a patrol officer in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He also served as one of the first canine handlers in the NYPD’s Canine Unit. Mike also worked in the elite Narcotics Division in Manhattan as a narcotics investigator.

Mike came to Maricopa County in 1991 and joined the Scottsdale Police Department. Mike has served as a patrol officer and patrol sergeant. He has served as the department’s Staff Lieutenant, supervising the Internal Affairs Unit, the Public Information and Media Office, and the Budget Office. Mike’s current assignment is serving as a Watch Commander in the Patrol Division in Scottsdale’s Downtown District.

In addition to serving the community in crime prevention Mike is an online instructor for the Criminal Justice program at the University of Phoenix. Mike is an instructor of Constitutional Law at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy.

Mike has been married to his wife, Grace, for 27 years. He is the proud father of three successful young adults.

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