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Jill Humphreys

Arizona is #1 in school choice. I believe the Gilbert School District should be the #1 choice for parents and students in the East Valley. We have great academics, wonderful music, drama, and fine arts programs, and winning sports programs. I look forward to working with the district to promote our excellent schools and to work for improvement at all times.

I have faced many challenges in helping my children have an education that inspires excellence and success. The importance of having an excellent teacher in the classroom cannot be over emphasized. Good resources and support are also critical. For children to receive an exemplary education, it is critical that their teacher understand their strengths and their challenges and how to work with them to help them be a successful learner. I appreciated those teachers through elementary school, junior high and high school who knew my children as individuals and knew how to work with them. How challenging it was when this was not the case.

I believe in Gilbert's vision: Ensure exemplary education that inspires excellence and success within every learner.

The following is my plan for making that vision a reality.

- Open, Collaborative Decision Making Process Involving Parents

- Educate the whole child

- Support Families

- Retain quality educators

- Fiscal discipline

- Support the Budget Override

[ -- Information from www.jillforgilbertschoolboard.com]

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Jill Humphreys

Gilbert Unified School District | governing board (2-year term) 100%


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