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Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 9:24 pm | Updated: 7:17 am, Thu Aug 5, 2010.

Sisters and Brothers of LD17, seize this moment to elect me, Green Party candidate Gregor Knauer, as state Representative. I will serve you and the state of Arizona with sincerity and humility. Every opportunity to serve, at any level, is an honor and a great responsibility.

Now is a pivotal time to take stock of who we are and where we're going, to challenge the status quo, even to question our very own thoughts. We absolutely positively must go from ignorance and fear to wisdom and oneness.

If you're disgruntled and frustrated by the legislature, don't get angry. Go Green! The Green Party offers fresh alternatives to vested political and economic privilege. Alongside environmental issues, the Green Party advocates social justice, economic fairness and grassroots democracy. These are our core values, totally congruent with Jeffersonian principles.

We must reduce our hyper-consumption.

Building up public transportation is vital for quality-of-life and for getting people to work.

Convincing banks to loosen up capital for small business will also get people to work.

Big business and the wealthy will have to pay their share of taxes. Let's tie up loopholes, and put an end to profligate tax breaks, incentives, exemptions.

In the absence of a federal single-payer health system, our state Access must address the needs of the community. Good nutrition and preventive health care benefit us all.

Our prisons need attention. Alternatives to incarceration can save a bundle and lead to real rehabilitation. Drugs are a health issue and shouldn't account for such a huge chunk of our prison population: legalize them.

Let's reform our electoral system. The Framers intended for contests to be open to multiple parties. Ranked-choice voting combines primary and general elections, saving money in the bargain.

It behooves us to integrate immigrants in an honest and straightforward fashion. We have to enlist the feds' cooperation on this: explore work permits, permanent border crossing cards, a new bracero regimen.

Alternative energy production, and conservation of our precious air, water and land, figure into a comprehensive respect for the environment.

And as Greg Mortenson implores us in his Three Cups of Tea, let's respect each other, build relationships, and listen: we're all in this together.

Around the world, and here in the U.S., Green candidates are standing up. And the people are electing us into office to implement wholesome and sensible programs. Please visit my website,

Vote your conscience, vote your heart, vote Green!

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