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Posted: Saturday, July 31, 2010 12:05 pm

The most asked question I get from people is "why would you want to run for Mesa City Council?"

It's really a great query particularly in these challenging times when the Council is faced with many difficult decisions.

I came to this race in a non-traditional way. I had to be convinced - by community leaders for whom I have high regard - the city needs the experience and expertise I've gained in nearly three decades of volunteer public involvement.

Following months of significant urging I was persuaded this was the time to step forward. It's hard to say "no" to people you respect.

After spending years working behind-the-scenes, the decision to enter the spotlight took considerable introspection. Upon reflection I realized that I have spent most of my life unconsciously working towards service on the City Council.

So what can I bring to the job?

Let's start with 43 years residency in Mesa - plus nearly 40 years of small business ownership - specifically Those Were the Days! a successful antiques and bookstore that my wife Vicki and I operated for 35 years until closing our Mill Avenue bricks-and-mortar operation in favor of online sales in 2008.

Parallel to my long business career has been extensive public activism and community service.

After years of community experience in Tempe, I was encouraged to work with Mesa as it began an extensive visioning process for the downtown in the early 1990s.

That led to five years as vice-Chair of the Downtown Vision Committee - later called the Downtown Development Committee.

I also helped establish Mesa's Historic Preservation program. As Chair of the Historic Preservation Committee for its first thirteen years I oversaw the creation of the six initial Historic Districts.

Public transportation involvement began in 1987- setting the stage for ValTrans and later Metro Light Rail. I also contributed to the ordinance that created Mesa's Transportation Advisory Board.

I helped create Tempe's Business Improvement District and have worked on urban planning issues for decades.

Additionally I have served on five museum boards - two as Chair.

More than six-decades of valuable life experience provides unique skills much needed on Council and in District 4.

I invite you to learn more about my background at or follow the progress of the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

After review, I hope that you will conclude that I am the right person at the right time - and support me with your vote.

It is important for voters to understand that this election marks the first time Mesa has had a fall Council election. The non-partisan election is a component of a partisan primary.

In order to vote in the city election, voters, including independents, Libertarians and unaffiliateds, must request a partisan ballot, on the back of which will be found the Mesa City Council races.

All three Council races will be decided August 24th. I urge all voters to participate in this very important city election.

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