The question of whether you’ll remain able to get a free toy with your burger and fries is now in the hands of Gov. Jan Brewer.

On a 25-4 vote Wednesday, the Senate gave final approval to legislation to bar local governments from regulating ``consumer incentives’’ provided by restaurants to sell their meals. And that specifically means no Arizona ordinances like the one in San Francisco banning toys in kids’ meals that do not meet certain nutritional content.

The House already approved HB 2490 in February. That means the measure needs only the governor’s signature.

And while Brewer does not comment on measures until she reviews them, the governor has been a proponent of less government regulation, even using her power to bar state agencies from imposing new rules.

Central to the debate is the question of the limits of government regulation.

The legislation is the handiwork of the Arizona Restaurant Association. Steve Chucri, the organization’s president, said his members fear that some Arizona community might decide that the San Francisco ordinance would be a perfect way to fight childhood obesity.

That ordinance forbids restaurants from offering toys with meals if they had more than a set limit of calories and fat. It also says restaurants that do provide toys must also include fruits and vegetables with those meals.

Much of what passes for kids meals, especially at fast-food restaurants, would not qualify.

The law would protect more than the plastic cars, dolls and games that have become common giveaways. It also would ban cities and counties from keeping restaurants from giving away cups and glasses emblazoned with cartoon characters, trading cards, crayons, tokens or any other sort of incentive.

Opposition, to the extent it existed, came largely on the argument that the state should not preempt decisions by local officials.

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"consumer incentive"?
did we just legalize prostitution?

Leon Ceniceros

Don'cha just love it when we, the readers" are "spoon-fed" our take on a news story.

Ole Howie Fisher is at it again, folks...........dragging his "East Coast (NYC)/West Coast (San Francisco) politics to the Valley of the Sun.
Howie, look around you...those aren't sycamore or oak trees....they are ...SAGUAROS...tall cactus with stickers all over them....Phoenix doesn't have a "Central Park"...we have a..."Steele Park"....those aren't squirrels, Howie, they are big fat don't feed them.....THEY FEED ON YOU.

Just because the Ultra Left Wing Liberals and Socialists on the San Francisco City Council got the....O.K. to ban.....HAPPY MEALS ...from ex-Mesa Police Chief George Gascon (he left Mesa under a cloud and now is happily esconsed in the Birthplace of the Hippie/Flower Child)......under the guidance of Michelle Obama's "FAT POLICE"...doesn't mean that ....."SOCIAL ENGINEERING" ...will wash in Arizona.
New York City Councilman Leroy Commie has already gotten in....lock-step...with it's Socialist "Sister City" on the West Coast and pushed through a .."carbon-copy law" for the Big Apple (by the way...that's about the only sweet snack you can get legally any more).

My generation, Howie, grew up with Kracker-Jacks. Yes, there was a little (real little) toy or puzzle or ring in the box. None of us were obese. If a parent doesn't want their kid to eat ....Happy Meals...everyday...then make little Johnny or little Jill....a healthy breakfast at home. Kids wouldn't be obese if their parents told them what to eat and not the other way around.

Bottom line, can't ....LEGISLATE...a healthy life style.....this is ....AMERICA......not .....RUSSIA OR CHINA.

Ditch the agenda and get back to being a.........REPORT-ER.....not a......SOCIAL ENGINEER......Arizonians just want to read the facts....not a lecture.

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