Russell Pearce, Joe Arpiao

Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, left, prepares to address the media late Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011 in Mesa, Ariz. as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao, right, stands by his side. Voters in a Phoenix-area legislative district went to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to oust state Sen. Russell Pearce, the sponsor of Arizona's groundbreaking immigration enforcement law, in an unprecedented recall election. The recall election, forced by a petition drive, is the first for an Arizona legislator. Jerry Lewis is challenging Pearce in the recall. (AP Photo/Matt York)

One group behind the recall of state Senate President Russell Pearce says the victory has emboldened it to begin a campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio because of his strong support for Pearce.

And another group says the recall’s outcome has created a new generation of Hispanic activists that will target other lawmakers it deems out of touch with mainstream Arizona voters.

Randy Parraz, a Democrat and key figure in the recall, said the election shows that it’s possible to oust politicians who’ve handily won past elections. When the politics get too extreme, he said, it can fire up people who run the kind of energetic campaign that ousted Pearce.

The Republican Arpaio is up for re-election in November 2012, so Parraz said his Citizens for a Better Arizona would criticize Arpaio in a general election rather than opt for a recall.

“A lot of folks are tired of some of the extremism out of Arpaio,” Parraz said. “We’re definitely looking to hold him more accountable.”

Parraz said his organization’s members will meet in December and January to draft more specific efforts that could involve other groups that worked to recall Pearce.

Arpaio said he’s not worried after surviving nearly two decades of criticism.

“They will not intimidate me. They will not threaten me because I’m still going to do my job,” Arpaio said Thursday. “Nothing has changed one bit with Pearce leaving.”

Arpaio said if critics don’t like the immigration laws like SB 1070 that Pearce introduced, they should try to change the laws. He said he only enforces what’s law, and that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will operate the same way unless state or federal immigration policies change.

Arpaio noted he’s amassed a campaign war chest of $6 million. He said Parraz should meet with him if he has concerns instead of launch a campaign. Apraio said he’s met with critics who are local and national figures.

“The Reverend (Al) Sharpton, when he led 10,000 people against me, I talked to him,” Arpaio said. “I talk to everybody.”

Parraz said the Pearce recall unearthed a groundswell of support for Citizens for a Better Arizona and other organizations that will fight what they describe as too conservative.

The campaign finance reform organization Public Campaign will work to defeat some Republican lawmakers in 2012, said John Loredo, a Democrat and former state House minority leader. Public Campaign believes several lawmakers are vulnerable next year based on polling information about what motivated voters to defeat Pearce, Loredo said.

“The issue that polled the highest for Republicans was money in politics and corruption,” Loredo said. “And there are a whole lot of Republican legislators who are in the same boat.”

Lawmakers who oppose Arizona’s Clean Elections system, who take substantial donations from lobbyists or who alienate Hispanics are vulnerable, he said.

New legislative districts will be in place in 2012, which will weaken the power of incumbency because so many voters will find themselves in new districts, he said.

“There are going to be people who are sitting ducks and we are intending to take full advantage of that,” Loredo said.

He said the Pearce recall has spawned a big group of Hispanics who will remain politically active through their lives. They’re energized by their success and have learned how to cobble together various groups into a larger cause, he said.

“It is a model that we intend to duplicate in 2012 at every level,” he said. “We are intending to take full advantage of that.”

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DavidNichols, can you quantify exactly how many deportations of hard working illegal aliens have taken place since 2008? I'm just curious how many TAX PAYING people leaving the country does it take to create the worst recession in US history.



For the Record:

Many illegal Immigrants have gone to war for America, and come back in body bags as well, however some narrow minded don't want to acknoledge this fact.

As usual you fail to distinguise that "The "Worst Recession in U.S. History" is a direct result of the January 2008 Deportations, and the Hard Fact that the lost Construction joob were lost by Americans, thus our massive un-employment amoung yes, Citizens.

It is called an "Economy", it is complex, however any child could tell you the ill effects of Mass Deportation of Hard Working Peoplke that had been here twenty five years and were a Vital part of our once Strong Economy.

Wake up.


rouge: What gps and his friends ignore is that our military members are separated from their families but apparently only illegals get any consideration. Military members might leave their families and return in a coffin or with limbs missing or worse but that does not bother open borders crowd. The reality is that these individuals have the right to take their families with them when they are deported.

Nichols: As usual, you folks fail to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. We have probably hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants who go about their lives daily with no interference. By the way, if we can keep the pressure on the employers, those construction jobs will revert to legal Americans.


Arpaio and his "Ring" with their Anti-Immigrant Rant have Crashed Arizona Economically.

The Entire State now has approx: 20% less Population, and the Same size Government both State , and Federal.

Arpaio is glad that so far it has all been taken out on Teachers, and Schools.

Arizona is now approx: 20% overbuilt, which has caused all private sector Construction/Growth to halt.

This has cost thousands, and thousands of Arizona Citizens their Construction related jobs.

Yeah re-elect Arpaio after he has cost us our State.

Some one read this message outloud for Governor Brewer, if she tries to read this much her brain may quit working altogether?

To: Liberty.


@ arizonapride: Thanks for proving what we've said all along. The hatred is clearly with the Liberals, and the ONLY REASON for the recall was due to Pearce's stand on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

It's sad that not ONE LIBERAL stepped up and TOLD THE TRUTH! As soon as the findings were in, then came articles about getting rid of SB070 and Sheriff Joe. FURTHER PROOF that it's all about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Once the other voters that supported you Liberals realize it was all a smoke screen, your "support" base will quickly drop away. The majority of US citizens are tired of supporting INVADING CRIMINAL FOREIGN NATIONALS.

This recall was just a hiccup....


Ah, I see the Pearce dead-enders continue to follow their defeated and disgraced leader even after having his clock cleaned by Jerry Lewis.

Mr Pearce, never known for his humility or graciousness is making the rounds and spitting out his narcissistic whiny rant to any media outlet that will print it. The difference now is instead of being in the "news" section, it's in the Opinion section. And we all know about Opinions.

And, as Mr Pearce continues to wallow in his fantasy world, so do his followers.

Get over it. HE LOST. He is out.

If the brown skinned bogeyman is as pervasive, intrusive and deadly as you morons make it to be the citizens of the State will see it and agree with you. So, you should have a lock on the next elections.

Do us all a favor. Support your candidates. Show them the support you and Pearce's campaign staff showed him. Heck, those guys were wimps, you all can mount a campaign 100x better, right? I mean, look how well you did for Mr Pearce!


It’s morally correct to look after our own suffering people first, as we have no obligation to foreigners, no matter the motherland? We have thousands of homeless veterans, left to wander in our streets; even single mothers with children, the sick and unwanted. We have our own share of poverty, without being responsible to people who have already scorned our laws.

In a new report from a Minnesota newspaper, the Austin Daily Herald indicates that enforcement procedures in use on a local level be undeniably reversing the illegal migrant and immigration trends. In a mixture of factors that include police scrutiny of immigration status to companies checking ID in the job seeking course of action, foreign nationals are finding it more difficult to settle in the state and are departing for their countries of origin; but perhaps heading for more lenient cities as Los Angeles or states as Nevada and New York.

Walter Schwartz, a business owner is a subject of this newspaper's report, in assisting illegal immigrants return to their residences across the border. He informed the reporter that he is well versed on every gas station, every interstate and even the flights from Minnesota to cities south of the border.

Austin, Minnesota illegal alien problems are a reflection of a countrywide drift of reverse immigration. Since the crash of the economy and over 22 million American; many on food stamps and welfare, with thousands homeless, immigration has exploded into the national press as never before. Ricocheting around the 50 states is the intimidation of the Department of IN-Justice over Alabama’s, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana and South Carolina policing policies, trying to save that extra few dollars that taxpayers are forced to spend on economic foreigners—their children’s education, hospital visits and welfare payments and assistance with low income housing Court enforced mostly unfunded mandates around the country, including entitlement programs for foothold children brought here to raid state treasuries. But new state laws allow police to check a residents’ legal status and detain undocumented immigrants although this nationwide event is taking place in a few states consumed by the ever growing need of all economic illegal aliens. The larger majority is illegal Hispanics, but 49 percent have slipped into America as overstays, with outdated visas from across the globe. Currently despite their illegal status many are becoming uncomfortable and self deporting. Many other illegal migrants and immigrants are fleeing outwards, to more politically subservient states such as California, Nevada.
Most Americans respect people who follow the law, but just appearing and asking for handouts—forget it. Even the highest of skilled occupations, must be vetted through FBI, physical and previous employment examinations, sometimes waiting years. Those who illegal cross borders, fly in and overstay have no reverence for our countries people. What is happening right now and adding to our own unemployed is people escaping poverty, the drug dealers and criminals.
Schwartz said in his interview, that he has helped families go back to Mexico before, but there are more families than ever before looking to leave this year. They require a trouble-free way to get back to Mexico for a reasonable cost and Schwartz is prepared to help. "I take them all the way to wherever they tell me to take them,” Schwartz told the newspaper. "Mainly I’m taking families to be reunited."

Schwartz has aided illegal aliens leave US, for a number of years, but he says he's seen the numbers rise as this year; with more enforcement around the country. He said that he assists in transporting 3-4 families every month.

The police crackdown near Austin, Minn. involves fraudulent documents. According to police records, the Austin police arrested 100 people for document forgery in 2010 up from 75 in 2009.

The Austin Daily Herald reports: "There are rumors people are losing their jobs at local plants as well, due to increased hiring scrutiny amid federal immigration programs. Displaced workers who fear being fired and/or deported are going to Arcadia, Wis., to work for the Ashley Furniture plant or to Postville, Iowa, or St. Joseph, Mo., to work at other meat processing plants." Companies that have already violated ICE audits and prosecuted, have seen a large increase of regular Americans and lawful residents, lining-up for jobs—as illegal workers run off.

Out of work Americans and patriotic citizens and residents can speed up this exodus, by promoting the E-Verify mandatory enforcement program, especially if President Obama signs a new directive for a job program in ‘Construction.’ These jobs should be going directly to unemployed workers in these particular occupations. Those not working and want a job should get into action and phone 202-224-3121. This is the Washington switchboard that can direct you to all House Representatives responsible for moving Chairman Lamar Smith's ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (bill H.R.2885) to the house floor. Especially confront the new members sent to Congress by the TEA PARTY. Additionally, you can learn more about the illegal alien occupation, which permeated every community from Vermont to Arizona by going to NumbersUSA web site. Judge for yourself the truth, instead of reading the craftily engineered vitriol propaganda from the two parties. Become a TEA PARTY member and see what you can do to halt this economic mess, with billions of dollars annually going as free public assistance, to illegal aliens who break our laws. The TEA PARTY will enforce our immigration laws and construct the fence(s) as originally enacted in 2006.

Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885) would require 100% of companies—large and small-- to use E-Verify for all new hires within 2 years. This bill would also require all federal, state, and local agencies as well as federal and state contractors/ sub-contractors and critical infrastructure sites to use E-Verify within 6 months. Increase employer penalties and fines for knowingly hiring illegal alien workers. Require the Social Security Administration to send no-match letters to employers if a current employee's name and social security number don't match in their system. Require the Social Security Administration to notify owners of a Social Security number if their number is used multiple times.

The old lethargic propaganda from the Left side of the aisle, that Americans will not do dirty jobs—is a big fallacy—it’s about good wages and benefits. Young men are rushing to North Dakota for drilling operations in an oil bonanza, because they are earning a 100 grand annually. They have created 30.000 jobs and people can get some of the action. It’s cold and dirty work, but nobody is complaining.

Remember Liberals, Democrats and Republicans will concoct any rhetoric, to dislodge any candidates, other than their own chosen favorite. Democrats will manipulate voting using such unpalatable organizations, as ACORN. The activists that run this group, is re-organizing under a different name in New York. Previously they were hiring persons of ill-repute, to register anybody who could sign their name—non-citizens and illegal aliens. Most American states have poor laws respecting the citizens right to vote and Arizona is no exception. With overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens in occupancy, the State Senator who was recalled could have been compromised. Having only to show two pieces of personal ID, such as a utility or water bill, could be manufactured on any computer. With the hasty arrival of the 2012 election, state voters must demand a picture ID, with proof-positive that the owner is a US citizen.

The name of the game from both sides is money and power. More votes for the Liberal Progressives, hidden away under the Democratic veil. Elitist Republicans like the way things on the beltway, as they have always been. Both parties will reclaim the ‘Pork’ and the get-together’s with the money bundler’s and the never ending stream of financial engineers from ‘K’ Street lobbyists. Only the TEA PARTY established as a majority in the Senate or House can return America to it principle foundations as written into law by our founding fathers.


Well this is just the continuing Californication of Arizona. The lib influence is becoming very apparent probably due to the influx of Californicators the last few years. As for myself I saw all this coming and moved back to the flyover zone in Oklahoma where there are still morals and people who want to work for a living. PSST the economy is better here too. Thanks for a few good years AZ. I hope you can stop the downward spiral before you become a liberal run economic train wreck like California.


Who started the recall petition. It was the pro-illegal/open border crowd that's who. This recall was all about the illegal immigration issue. And now that Lewis is elected he will always vote pro-illegal legislation. He will follow his religious beliefs and vote for illegals because his religion requires it.

Mesa gets what Mesa deserves.


@ gpscentral: The only persons you should blame to "tearing apart" their families are THOSE PARENTS that cross into the USA ILLEGALLY!!! What ever happened to EARNING THE RIGHT TO BE HERE?


Yah, they should recall Paul Grijalva he is trying to stop mining that would bring jobs to our state why won't they recall him ? Oh that's right he's a far Left whack job just what the recall group wants Arizona politicians to be like !


If the idea is to get rid of extremists, then goodbye Grijalva.



Your comment is the reason why folks voted Pearce out. He only deals with one issue. And it's not based on facts. Everybody knows we need to fix our immigration problems, but they're not what you're describing. Article after article has come out where it CLEARLY states that we're deporting more folks than ever before, more than ANY previous administration, Republican or Democrat. What you're describing is not going to happen, no matter how much you keep parroting fear in the manner you do.

I don't know what's more laughable, your comment, or the fact that Pearce lost by 11.59% which is a severe beating for supposedly a politician that is a supporter of The Constitution.

You can query it here:

This obviously means that there are citizens who don't view things as you describe. And lastly, it's not "your" Constitution as you derisively and erroneously claim. It is The Constitution which belongs to ALL the people of the United States of America.


Good, Pearce is gone. Next Arpaio. Then our Sanctuary cities will flourish. This is good for Arizona's economic modeling ( a budget deficit). Our Southern border, Ah it's a blight, tear it down. Border Patrol a needless expense. Put all law enforcement back in the barracks (better yet, reduce this needless expense by at least 50%). Arizona needs temporary, migrant workers. They're good for Arizona's economy. Why, with more drugs, child slave/prostitution, safe houses, and increased identity no time Arizona's economy (underground, you know) will be booming. Taxes? Nah! Go underground.

With sanctuary cities abounding in Arizona, a free flow of temporary, migrant (wink,wink) workers in State, who knows unemployment could go down to Laredo, Texas' levels. Yeah! Social justice at work. Arizona will be just like a third world, socialist country (maybe just like our neighbor to the south).

"Fast and Furious" in Arizona? Nah! All weapons will be confiscated so that only the cartels operating in Arizona will have them.

Yep, Recall all upstanding, supporters of Our Constitution. We need more lawbreakers, cartel members in Arizona's legislature...Gee, almost like Colombia.

Leon Ceniceros

We did learn something from this Recall Election. Something that we need to keep in mind for the 2012 National Election, next November when Arizonians will be voting for who one of our US Senators will be and some of our US Congressmen/women will be.

We have learned the painful and sad knowledge that some religious groups are "Anti-American". That they put their need for converts above their loyalty to America. That they would rather see criminals who have illegally come into our Great Nation be given ... "Amnesty"... to steal jobs, steal identities, steal cars, steal medical, hospital and emergency room funds, steal Welfare money, steal Food Stamps and steal $7,670.00 per year for their Illegal Alien children from Arizona's Education Budget.

Ask yourselves, do you want these so-called Republican (they are Republicans In Name Only = R.I.N.O.'s) candidates who place religious loyalty ahead of American loyalty representing this what our Miltiary Men and Women are sacrificing life and limb for ???

On this Veteran's Day....I sure hope not. We need to elect Republican Candidates who want to "close" our Border against Illegal Aliens.........not "Republicans In Name Only" (R.I.N.O.'s) who want to ...."Open" our Border with Mexico to get more converts.


Randy Parraz is extreme socialist. He is not good for Arizona. Was Pearce good, no. will Lewis be good, I hope so. But I want the law to be enforced by the feds and state/local governments. This political junk that goes on is a joke. Both sides, the dems and repubs are crooks. The reason this group quotes for the recall is a joke. It was because of SB1070. I have talked to a few of them and their iq is quit low. But to think by taking out right wing people and going left is good for Arizona, you have a rude awakening. That left “progressive” agenda is only making this country worse at a higher speed then bush and his cronies did. People will remember Nappy and Obama moreso then Parraz, and his push will fall short, even with his big out of state money donors.

Hey phxvato1202, why don’t you quote the money he has wasted? Give us facts.

Rational Human


You got that right. Once this obamanation's lawsuits targeting states that want to stop illegal immigration end things will really start to pickup and the hate-filled Citizens for a Better Arizona liberal group and Randy Parraz’s "Open Border" liberals action for illegals path to citizenship will grind to a halt. Libertards and illegal alien support groups are going to be in for a real surprise soon enough.


“After successful Pearce recall, groups may target other polarizing Arizona politicians”

If the U.S. Supreme Court accepts the State of Arizona's petition to review the Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona's SB 1070 illegal immigration enforcement law, and if the high court concludes that the Arizona law is constitutional, it will deflate the hate-filled Citizens for a Better Arizona liberal group and Randy Parraz’s "Open Border" liberals action for illegals path to citizenship.

Rational Human

Oh, funny how they're only after the politicians who are adamantly opposed to illegal immigration and willing to do what it takes to end it, and here all you libertards were saying Pearce's recall wasn't even about SB1070.

"Parraz said the Pearce recall unearthed a groundswell of support for Citizens for a Better Arizona and other organizations that will fight what they describe as too conservative." He means strongly anti-illegal immigration.

John Loredo, a Democrat and former state House minority leader says the Pearce recall has spawned a big group of Hispanics who will remain politically active through their lives. They’re energized by their success and have learned how to cobble together various groups into a larger cause. This yahoo doesn't even try to hide this true agenda of the libertards. He also says that Lawmakers... who alienate Hispanics are vulnerable. Sounds like the illegal alien supporting libertards are going on the attack.

"Arpaio said if critics don’t like the immigration laws like SB 1070 that Pearce introduced, they should try to change the laws. He said he only enforces what’s law, and that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will operate the same way unless state or federal immigration policies change." Why do that when they can scam the system to get what they want?

fairygirl, Pearce lost because he got none of the libertard vote and most of the conservative vote. In a real election where libertards don't get to vote in republican primaries, Pearce would have and has won easily.


The days of extremism and radical behavior from elected officials is coming to an end. It just took an ethical and civic minded group representing the majority, to upset the apple cart. Thanks to Randy and Company for their hard diligent work in revealing those who inhabit the cesspool of corruption in our state. I support your efforts 100%. Continue your "clean up" efforts so we can thrive again in prosperity.

Dale Whiting

P.S. Not long thereafter, Arpaio's attorney thinks up "Tent City" in order to get around the problem Betsey Bayless and her fellow County Supervisors have created by seeing the jail population exceed the Federal Standards set by the architect of the Madison Street Jail and Joe becomes Nationally Infamous.

What next? we wonder. Next comes the sale of Sheriff Joe pink underware and a "for profit" jail house general store, and of course those infamous "Sheriff Joe" baloney sandwiches! Joe campaigns to lower the cost to house inmates from upward of $70 per day to less than $35. Boy does that please all of the outling municipalities. The cost plumets, Joe becomes a hero and even John Walsh starts singing his praises. Not a half dozen years later, the cost is back up to $70 per day but no one dares complain! He's Sheriff Joe, the toughest Sheriff in the West. How could other politicians like Andrew Thomas resist falling in line behind Sheriff Joe? And they do fall in line. Sheriff Joe is on TV more than any politician in Maricopa County could afford to pay for. And his TV exposure doen't cost him a cent!

But don't ask Sheriff Joe about all of this. He forgets!

Dale Whiting

Joe Arpaio, polarizing?

It's 1992 or there abouts. Arpaio has just been elected. We know next to nothing about his happy and congenial outlook on life. He's appearing in federal court. It seems that since taking office, his policies have violated a consent degree entered into by one of his predecessor sheriffs and the federal judge is infuriated! Under his breath, Joe asks his attorney "Just who does this judge think he is and why do I have to do what he tells ME to do?"

Afterwards, on the steps of the 1st Avenue Federal Court building, Bettsy Bayless wonders what this new sheriff is all about. At the "invitation" of this judge, she's spent "time" in the 1st Avenue Jail. She knows but can't let on her suprise.

No, Joe is not polarizing. He's God!


Hypocrite? Nope. As far as elections go, it's been better since the last one, or it hasn't. If it has been, I want more, incumbents welcome. If it hasn't, someone else gets the shot to make it better. Self-serving, selfish as the devil, that I get, but hypocritical?


Agenda through. And as for being a Hypocrite, We all are the only question is who is the bigger one and who is man enough to admit it !


It's always funny when Liberals think they are smarter then everyone else. I supported Jerry Lewis because of how arrogant Pearce became with power. Let me try and explain this again so you warm loving Liberals don't have to spew hateful words like you claim only Republicans can. I have no problem with the money spent on THIS recall because Pearce DID need to go. OK. Secondly I DO NOT think he is a victim of anything other then HIS bad choices . Lastly what I do have a problem with is the group that recalled Pearce stated Pearce was a bully with his power and tried to push his agenda on others. That's just what the recall group is going to do. Go after anyone they don't want and have more recall elections to push THEIR


@onerebel--it always astonishes me when someone ignorant like you will critisize the expense of a recall election called for by legal american citiens, petitions signed and voted on and yet you have a problem with pearce being kicked out that your only sorry excuse is the money spent. well how much money has pearce cost the state since becoming senate president? and what about arpaio all the millions he has cost the county, where is your outrage there? there is none cause your a pathetic hypocrite.


Lets go arizona! Lets take our state back from these two faced lying back stabbing money grubbing politicians!


Hey, one can only hope. Russell Pearce didn't bring us prosperity. Someone else got a nod to try. That's not a bad thing. It probably should be done by all of us, all the time. If we learn that lesson, ie: it gets better or you're outta here, things will get better. If we find reasons why not, well, they won't.

Leon Ceniceros

Isn't if funny how the State of Utah Legislature passed and the Governor of the State of Utah signed into law the ....Utah Compact at the same time that a "spontaneous Grass-Roots" Recall Campaign originated in the most Mormon City in America = Mesa, Arizona ???

Guess who was "annointed" to challenge the "Father of SB 1070", Arizona Senator Russell Pearce = Mormon Stake President, Bishop Jerry Lewis. Had anyone ever heard of Bishop Jerry Lewis before politically in Mesa ??? Had anyone ever heard of Bishop Jerry Lewis at all ??? The answer is, yup, you guessed it a big fat = N.O.

Where did the millions of dollars come from to finance all the slick TV Ads for Bishop Jerry Lewis. He was a part-time teacher and administrator of a neighborhood Charter School at the time of his ...."annointment".

The..."Utah Compact"...that is just another ..."Amnesty Program for Illegal Aliens from Mexico" is one of the ..."Linch Pins" of the.....US Senate Candidate, Jeff Flake and US Congressional Candidate, Matt Salmon....both...yup, you guessed it...from Mesa and also (well, I'll let you fill in the[wink] ).

Now these....."Utah Compact"....people want to field a ..."Pro-Illegal Alien Amnesty"....candidate to run against ....Maricopa County Sheriff Joe another ....Recall Election....again originating in the Largest Mormon City in America = Mesa, AZ.

Folks, is it just me....or are we seeing a ...."pattern" in all of these ...Recall Elections who are financed with millions and millions of "donations" ???


Your analysis of Pearce's demise is flawed. The recall group was focused on one thing, recalling Russell Pearce. They had NO interest in, nor did they participate in ANY selecting any potential candidates. Jerry Lewis is a bonafide contender with quite a record of accomplishment. He is right wing, period. It may be the only difference between him and Pearce is that he doesn't believe in tearing families apart and that is very important. Mr. Pearce's hate and bad choices are what got him recalled. Stop making him the victim when, indeed, he was the victimizer.


Before the recall group becomes drunk with power here is a few things they should consider. The majority in Mesa support SB 1070, Pearce was recalled because some unethical behavior not immigration. Pearce lost to a Republican. The recall group knew in this district a Democrat would be a long shot. Finally a recall election cost LOTS of money that we can't afford to waste. So if the Liberal Left feel they can recall everyone they don't like, then ram their agenda down our throats on our dime, and we are just going take it ! I DON'T THINK SO !

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