The president of the state Senate introduced legislation Monday to ban illegal immigrants from state universities and community colleges, make it a crime for them to drive in Arizona and include new public school reporting requirements that could induce the parents of children not here legally to keep them home.

SB 1611, set for hearing this afternoon, also would put companies that do not use a federal database to check the status of new workers out of business. And it would require cities to evict anyone in public housing who cannot prove legal presence in this country.

But Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, framed the legislation as not doing much at all.

"This is clean-up,'' he told Capitol Media Services.

"All it does is do what the voters have passed in terms of no taxpayer dollars for illegals,'' Pearce said. "It just ties it up.''

The Appropriations Committee also will debate SB 1308 and 1309 which together are designed to deny citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants born in this country, and SB 1405 which would prohibit hospitals from providing non-emergency care to illegal immigrants and require officials to call federal immigration authorities.

Pearce said SB 1611 is not challenging a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court ruling which forbids schools from refusing to enroll students who cannot prove they are legal U.S. residents. But he said nothing in the ruling prohibits schools from asking, as long as no student is turned away for failing to provide the documentation.

"We're just counting citizens,'' Pearce said.

But the effect could be the same.

Under current law, parents need provide only some proof of a child's age, such as a certified copy of a birth certificate. But nothing requires that birth certificate be from the United States.

SB 1611 alters that list, with a parent now having to provide a birth certificate from U.S. states or territories, a U.S. passport, a certificates of naturalization or one of several other documents.

What could make it a deterrent is existing law which says if a parent doesn't provide the document -- in this case, one of the new documents -- the school is required to notify law enforcement.

The language governing universities and community colleges is more clear cut.

Current law says those who cannot prove legal presence in this country cannot get the discounted tuition available to Arizona residents. But they may enroll if they pay the full out-of-state tuition and fees.

SB 1611 would preclude their admission entirely. Pearce said it is irrelevant that the fees these students are paying may help keep tuition down for Arizona residents.

"They can't be employed'' in this country, Pearce said, making their education not a benefit to Arizona. And he disputed the contention that out-of-state tuition covers the full cost of educating students at universities or community colleges.

The section aimed at employers is designed to put teeth into a 2007 law allowing a state judge to suspend or revoke the business licenses of firms found guilty of knowingly hiring undocumented workers.

That law requires companies to use E-Verify, a federal database of authorized workers, though there is no penalty for failing to comply. The result, said Pearce, is only about 25 percent of Arizona firms actually check to see if new workers are in this country legally.

SB 1611 would require the state attorney general to notify any company that is not participating in the program. Failure to sign up within six months would let the attorney general ask a judge to suspend any and all licenses that allow the firm to remain in business.

Pearce said, though, the mandate would apply only to companies that actually are hiring.

"If you're a mom-and-pop shop, only work with family ... that was meant to be an exception,'' he said.

Pearce said the provision making it a crime for illegal immigrants to drive simply reinforces the fact they should not be in this country in the first place.

But rather than simply turning the motorists over to federal officials, it requires that anyone found guilty be sentenced to at least 30 days in prison. The measure also would require a judge to order the vehicle seized and sold, with the proceeds being used to help balance the state budget.

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Oh how history repeats itseft...


Challenges to the way the rest of the US does business is a welcome sight, good luck!


Long ago, the Supreme Court of the United States felt it was in the best interests of the country to make sure that children who reside here, regardless of their legal status, have a good education. Better they are educated than raoming the streets. If they are educated, they are more like to make a positive contribution to our society. Keeping them down by denying them an education would hurt the country, and move us in the direction of a police state. Senator Pearce and his colleagues are trying to make a name for themselves by writing laws that challenge the US Constitution and Supreme Court decisions. Many of these issues have been settled for decades, some since Civil-War times. Pearce needs to redirect his focus to something other than political show-boating for the right-wing.


You can certainly pick out the illegal supporters. They berate anyone who disagrees with them by calling the Nazis, racists, etc. They refuse to accept any responsibility themselves but always cast blame on everyone else. If these folks had their way, we would be over flowing with uneducated, poorly skilled so called immigrants looking for a better life. In the meantime, who actually foots the bill? It certainly is not the people allowed to come here with no quotas or restrictions. Go figure.


Mr. Pearce is a TRUE American and a patriot. Most of these illegals are usually pregnant or have dropped out of school to begin thier criminal careers before they become adults so it's not worth the $$$ or time to dole out our taxes to future failures anyway. And "ETHICS", why don't you turn in some of these lawbreaking employers since you know who they are or will your mom and pops get deported if you do? What a crybaby shammer.


Thank you Mr. Pearce! This is great news. Now if we can get the same laws passed and enforced in all the other states....


We are not subsidizing Illegals


95% come for Jobs, take the Jobs away you take the reason to cross illegally away!

Why does Joe arrest illegals in raids yet won't arrest those who hire them? The law is still in effect , so why do we say illegal is illegal yet allow these people to commit the illegal act of employing illegals?

Immigration Reform begins with Employment reform!


to all of you who support the invasion of this country, please state your reasoning for it besides your own wallet?

round up all 12 million (that we know of) and kick them out, and a good place to start will be at one of their protests


lili matthews:

"because i myself finishd school havin lots of kids not knwin english in my class room.

In reference to your post, the above is a statement within itself. It is evident that you finished school "having lots of kids not knowing English in your classroom."... and it rubbed off.


I searched your post and could not find but one true statement in the whole thing. "These illegals are here for a better life".

This is true, no one is debating this. This issue is not that they are here, it's that they are here illegally, which in turn cause a burden on the true legal citizens of the United States and Arizona. I'd be more than happy to help any one of them become legal citizens if this is what they want.

Your assessment of "tens of thousands of dollars and years of waiting" is completely inaccurate and I can only perceive you made this statement to substantiate your statement. Instead, however, you totally come off as someone that really hasn't a clue and just makes up stuff to sound intelligent.... It ain't working...

You say they pay taxes? How? If they are illegal, they do not have a legal social security card. Only if they are here legally on a visa (and then there may be tax exemption, I don't know) would they have a legal right to work and earn money.

Let's just suppose, for the sake of argument, that someone is here illegally. They obtain a fake ID and a fake Social Security Card and find job.
Let's just say it was MY ID and MY Social Security number they are using. Well anything they do while using my ID will affect/damage my credit/credit score, creating havoc for me when I try to buy a house or car.
But when they work, they are paying into your social security account you say? OK, you didn't, but let's just say you did. That may be true, but they are also increasing my income level, putting me in a higher income bracket than I actually earned. I won't know this, so when I do my taxes, I'm only reporting on the income I am aware of. The IRS, on the other hand, wants to know why I'm not reporting ALL of my income. I get audited and penalized. It is then up to me to prove that I did not earn this income, clear my tax liability, clear up my credit, and/or possibly hire a lawyer. Meanwhile, all of this is on my credit report, and THAT my friend can take "years of waiting and tens of thousands of dollars", depending. I will not be able to work in any position that requires a clearance. I will not be able to buy the home I have been saving to buy for years (of hard legal work). I will not be able to buy that car for my wife to travel back and forth to her job. I will not be able to borrow money to send my children to college.

The "better life" they seek, comes at the expense of others. THAT my friend IS THE PROBLEM... What makes their human rights have a higher standing than mine? I too seek a better life, everyday, through hard work.

"NOBODY here wouldn't do just what they did"... I wouldn't. As a matter of fact, I am considering retiring in Costa Rica. I am planning and researching how I can afford to do so and how to do it legally. What right do I have to go to another country and "get over" on their system. Why should I burden the people of that country with my expenses. What right do I have to demand anything? I will be a legal guest of their country and I will act accordingly. I will NOT vandalize their country, desecrate their flag, or their way of life. They will owe me nothing and I will legally pay my way.

Why shouldn't we (our country) be respected accordingly. You'd be surprised at the attitude change we'd have.


If you don't like Arizona, there's 49 other states you can live in.

The border is not only a FEDERAL border, but a STATE border as well. The laws are already in place, the Federal Government just won't fully assert them.

You want them here? Fine.
Here's what I propose:
I no longer have to pay taxes.
I no longer have to have insurance on my vehicle, nor am I responsible for any financial responsibility resulting from an accident.
I no longer have to have a valid drivers license, or for that matter, valid Identification.
I can cross the border, sell weapons, drugs, burglarize homes, rape and commit any crime I wish, then cross back and not worry about going to jail.
I am given free food, free money, free health care and I do not have to have a job.
I can impregnate multiple women and not worry about paying for prenatal, hospital delivery or post-natal care.
I will not have to pay child support.
My children can go to school for free, and I will demand my children are provided teachers and classes that speak MY language. I will not have to learn YOUR language.
My children will be provided transportation to and from the schools for this education.
I will not have to complete any paperwork proving I am who I say I am, or my nationality is what I say it is... My word alone is to be trusted.
My children will be allowed to compete for scholarships to the best colleges, and will be accepted based on ethnicity only, grades won't matter.

You make that happen and hey, I'll be right there with you, but we know that's not going to happen.

As far as your comments about a second Amnesty... I'm thinking probably not. You say we will have no choice? Wrong again... It's not just Arizona. Other states are feeling the burden, even more so as you all move into their states taxing their economies. The people will not take it any longer.
Have you not seen the news lately on your stolen TV? People in other countries are rising up against their poor leadership, demanding new and better leadership that will represent the people. It's quite inspirational!!!


Lou, look at the story here:


This has got to be the most racist person elected today. He does absolutely NOTHING for the issues in his own distrcit. The worst housing crisis in history, the economy is a mess, high unemployment. This racist is only after brown people because he had his finger shot off by an Hispanic years ago. Once they are gone who is next? the balcks? the Jews? Oh believe me , he is another Arpaio , he wants publicity and fame, and he cares NOTHING about this state or whats best for the people.
These illegals are here for a better life. NOBODY here wouldnt do just what they did to feel. just because you were born here you think your better? Just luckier ! It takes tens of thousands of dollars and years of waiting to get here legally, thats if you bribe the right people. These people pay taxes, dont kid yourselves. They buy goods, pay for services, rent homes, the DO BUY insurance, they DO pay for tags for their cars. Just as many white people skip out on their hospital bills as Hispanics. Dont kid yourselves Pearce wants a white world for himself. recall Pearce today ...visit....


PHOENIX -- A jury convicted an Iraqi immigrant of second-degree murder Tuesday for running over and killing his daughter in a case prosecutors called an "honor killing."

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 50, also was convicted of aggravated assault for injuries suffered by the mother of his daughter's boyfriend during the October 2009 incident in a suburban Phoenix parking lot, and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

How come this story isn't headline news in Phoenix? I got this off of a national newsfeed. The Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune, and the local TV networks don't mention this story at all in their online service. Why do you suppose that is?


I I I buy gun Brittanicus


!!!! I'm so sick of Arizona!!!!! NO human is illegal, we were created to help others not to destroy, if u ask me, then u r the ones being the criminals. Separating families, and now they can't go to college? why? are you to afraid they will succeed, better than you did? Arizona is not part of the USA, is making their own laws crucial laws, go ahead do what u want, that will not stop us. we can move to another state, and go to college there, I assure you haters, that one day a second Amnesty will come. u might not like it, but u have no choice to give them the American Dream



Those States that are still catering to the illegal alien invasion will not get any sympathy from the majority of Americans. By now all States have seen the developing costs associated with people stealing across our national border and entering into this country under the pretext of being a tourist or student. Every year from every corner of the world, thousands come to the US, to have their children fully aware that this child will have dual citizenship and can take financial advantage of the 14th Amendment provisions. Many States-- like the illegal alien popular State of California and now Nevada is bearing towards disaster with their unregulated use of tax dollars to pay for the education for their offspring, and the need for the uninsured--medical care. Arizona was so close the border fence that it accumulated hundreds of thousands of uninvited guests, lowering job opportunities for less educated citizens and yet hardly aiding the tax base.

Documentation from the GAO (General Accounting Office) has disclosed finally, that for every one dollar spent by illegal nationals; they get a return of between three and four dollars. But this problem is beyond credibility as the taxpayer’s bill, keeps on mounting rapidly. All politicians had better care that's happening here, because American people have finally begun to wake and learning why their taxes keep rising. As the Federal management has failed to pay attention, so the States are trying to defend their own inhabitants from illegal labor occupation. A reasonable question to ask all the leadership in Washington and all State lawmakers is where are thousands of illegal immigrants whose lives were disrupted by Arizona's policing provisions--flew to places unknown? My guess is they didn't go far?

As more State legislators are fighting for their own survival and they enact tough illegal alien restraining enforcement the likely destination is California, Nevada, Colorado, Perhaps Utah and anywhere further afield that panders to the large ethnic blocs and illegal immigrant and migrant families. One only can imagine the chaos as hundreds of thousands of these people end up in welfare lines, hospital waiting rooms and adding to even higher expenditures to join the millions already there. Countless thousands will join the already clogged neighborhoods in the social service State of California, others will go elsewhere. California is already burdened with a 24 billion dollar deficit meltdown, Nevada will be looking for another $3.billion to cover its debt as Carson City is investigating another tax hike. An estimated $113 billion dollars goes to support illegal aliens yearly and these dollars are also climbing throughout America.

Now is the time to shield this nation from foreign invaders, from drug dealers and those who come and expect citizens and legally authorized residents to keep paying for the rest of the world’s poor. This is why the Tea Party was organized on a grand scale and that's why hundreds of pro-sovereignty groups are recruiting people who have just had enough of the games played by our politicians. One amnesty was enough that turned into a travesty and burned every taxpaying American. ICE should go into every Sanctuary City in force and arrest every Mayor, Elected officer who has engineered these provisions. NumbersUSA has a million regular citizens who want to prevent further exploitation of this nation by foreign countries, to elevate their pressure valve of growing impoverished wanting populations.


he thinks so. Ar, yourself if you care


Sen. Pearce is a GOD GIVEN to this state. We have had so many clowns running the show for way too long here. I stand 100% behind this man. Look what NEOPRENE Napolitano did for us. She put us farther in debt and opened the borders as wide as she could which brought crime up as being one of the worst states in the U.S. And she hasn't did diddly squat since her 'Walk on water annointed one' president took office. She still keeps lieing and blindly saying WE ARE SAFER THAN WE'VE EVER BEEN. PEARCE FOR GOVENOR. YEAH!!!!


Mag I was speaking metaphorically also in way where my messages could be taken either way. I ideas think. or a fool? What shale it be?


DAle on the cactus I have to ask for proof? Because I think you are wrong.


second city emperorsmith some where secluded.


Calm MAG. I stand with the constitution and if you want a 2nd civil war. I will side on AZ. If you are not ready the shut up, that goes to the capital.

Diane Brown

Stay strong, Senator Pearce!!! You are the BEST thing Arizona has going for it. I am an Arizona native and I love my State and am tired of the illegals and their demands and burdens that they have put on our state. We true Arizonans love you and your wife and appreciate all that you do!!!

lili matthews

dena:drug cartel huh..drug cartel does not give a dam about any of the ppl in the usa..if u watch tv go ahea and look at the news they are not fightin or killin people in the usa..they are killin drug cartels they are fightin each other in mexico for im not sayin im ok with that absolutly not its ur son/or daughter are gonna learn regardless of who is in the classroom..if ur children need more time to study and to learn then thats wen u come in..u give them that time in ur own time..because i myself finishd school havin lots of kids not knwin english in my class room. your child is gonna learn if he wants to learn if he likes school den his gonna learn..and u can tell as soon as they go to thats all i gotta say to you..and pls do me a favor take ur comment off since its just stupid.[smile]


-A Yale Conservative


Dale, most saguaros I've spoke to can prove they are Americans.

Dale Whiting


Did you know that the Saguaro is not native to Arizona? As things dried out down south, it migrated north. It's Mexican!


Pass all anti-illegal immigration bills. They are overdue.


Now this might just work... please pass this one!!!!


This is just one more proof that the million plus illegals and their children who don't pick crops in Arizona are causing a great deal of frustration. They are 21st century slaves. I wish they'd leave and go back to their own countries and do the job "others don't want to do" - make their homelands better.


Life-long NRA member here, and proud of it. I'm also a school district employee. If a parent uses a child to talk to me in ENGLISH, I refuse to help. It is a felony to aid or abeit an illegal. I love my country-----can't(or refuse) to get with the program----GET OUT!!! My friends and relative played by the rules, no exceptions, hand-outs, or special treatment. They wanted to become AMERICANS, not asking for any white-glove treatment. By the way, I speak fluent FRENCH and was taught at an early age that it is EXTREMELY RUDE to speak another lanuage in front of others that don't understand. Hope this post raises some eyebrows.


"I am finally proud to be an American." Oh wait, that was already used about 2.5 years ago.

I am proud to be an Arizonan when all the lib stations call us out. Go Pearce.


Lenapelou: What happened to Slabsides freedom of expression? You want to curtail his rights just because you don't agree with his avatar? Gee, I guess mine is a close second.

Imagine if there was an armed, law abiding citizen at that incident, and they used a handgun to end the bloodshed. Would that have been wrong too? I'd guess your also an anti-gun person as well.

I'm glad I'm armed. It saved me, and my girlfriend, from becoming yet another victim of gang activity. If you got rid of all the guns, do you know what it'd be like? MEXICO, where the citizens have become prey of the cartels and greedy politicians....


It's sad to see so many uninformed minds that still insist it has to do about race. I'm surprised they haven't run out of Kool-Aid yet....


oops ! I meant attention


Thank you Slabside ! Nice to know someone is paying attetion...


Well said whonew!


Ill support these bills and any other that stand a chance of getting AMERICA and its Citizens back on their feet ! Its not even just an issue of illegals per say since no one knows just how many are living under the idenity of some unassuming American. Thats another issue all together that needs to have harsher penalties. How often do we read about mr and mrs illegal who had no choice but to use fraudulent Id, and its actually blamed on the American society with nothing more than a slap on the hand for the people who commit this felony fraud ! It all goes hand in hand. Start stripping the illegals of what we've had taken and if they want it back bad enough, make them earn and deserve it legally and properly ! Until then, GO PEARCE !


WOW, look at all the illegal pandering mush heads posting here tonight! When we run ALL of the illegal bloodsuckers out of Arizona and eventually America I pray all of you leftist bleeding hearts go with them![beam]


MDARIZINA I AGREE 100% with you and think they could find other alternatives to solve this issue..


Well Denaaz1961... How can you talk about being sick of hearing how much these ILLEGALS contribute to this society when you have no idea what they go through so you can eat your food! Take your princess self out to those fields and work all freaking day in the dreadful heat... Or go to the factories where your clothes come from and do what they do. And dont you dare get me started on the "OFFSPRING" issue you racist... Those offspring as you call them are usually some of the brightest students in school because they want to learn and they pay attention to their studies. So before you go saying such hateful remarks, check yoiurself because it could come back and hit you in the back side... Which im sure many would agree with me after reading your little comment.


Help fight illegal immigration. Visit the NumbersUSA and the ALIPAC websites . We need federal legislation to force employers to verify social security numbers.


The idiocy is breathtaking. Making hundreds of thousands of people leave this state will have a further devastating effect on the housing market and the economy. These laws are patently unconstitutional as only the federal government can determine citizenship and immigration status per our constitution, so this will only open Arizona up to even more taxdollar draining lawsuits. Pearce only wants to put more people in jail because he gets kickbacks from the private prison industry who stand make millions.

Here's a simple solution Pearce might have suggested. Make everyone legal residents, pay a fine and then no one has to go to jail. No need to terrorize children. But solving the problem is not really the point .

It's to use race-baiting to distract Arizonans from the financial problems of the state and the fact that Pearce has no sensible solutions.

Wonder if Pearce has a Nazi Eagle tattoo on his chest just like his recently arrested menace-to-society son of his? We know he's on that neo-Nazi National Alliance mailing list.



Pearce is obviously a hater, funded by the criminal group called the NRA, which by the way, and by their own addmission, have blocked discovery laws trying to stop machine guns going to drug gangs in Mexico. I think only one question remains. Is the NRA taking money from the drug gangs and giving it to the far right Arizona politicians? Remember, nothin is for nothin.
By the way, Bozos who use guns as personal avatars, should be blocked from posting, at least out of respect for the events in Tucson, or have we forgotten that already?


A prostitute??? Because I think it unwise to raise the cost of tuition for everyone because I am not racist?

Common-nonsense, you have an ugly and perverted mind!!.
(They do not have a good emoticon for this post)


Dataman, we need to send the illegals out of our country so they commit crimes in their own backyard. You are just another liberal hack spouting Nazi nonsense with your brown shirts and jack boots manure.


LinMesa, I didn't see anywhere in this news article that Hispanics are being targeted. Illegals can be from many various countries. I'm all for this law!


Do if illegals are barred from schools, they will remain uneducated who's only chance in life is to commit crimes. Will Pearce fund additional police? (He would prefer if the new cops all wore brown shits and jack boots, I bet!)


The thing about kids in school has already been decided by the SCOTUS. Pearce won't change that. And if an Illegal has a valid DL from another state (some don't check status, and even AZ didn't before 97), is he attempting to overrule the laws of other states and their procedures? That's won't go far either....


Cerulean, Sometimes doing the right thing is neither the easiest or the cheapest. You sound like a sellout or maybe more approppriately a prostitute.


For all of you who are supporting this evil man, you need to stop and ask yourself, "Who will he go after next?" He is damned determined to rid this state, and country, of all Hispanics. Why? Because the hate groups he belongs to or has ties to want this to be an all white society. So, I ask you again, who next? African Americans, gays, Jews, who? You maybe.


As long as the law is designed to help the US citizen, and get rid of ILLEGAL ALIENS, I'm all for it. The time for a free ride is over....


I support this measure. It is sad global events have caused so much upheaval in the world, but none of that is new. I would have no problem supporting illegals, if we simply total the amount every quarter and bill Mexico and the other countries, and they pay for their citizens' lives. Why should the American tax payer pay for it? We have increased our local, state, and national debt in doing so. AZ rancher Garnett (sp) being sued, and losing, and being ordered to pay thousands of dollars, for holding illegals trespassing on his land is the height of ridiculousness. It's the reason we need to get rid of all the lawyers, secure our borders, and tighten our laws. I hope he never pays a dime. Or, he countersues for the damage to, and trash left on, his property. What is the matter with our officials and judges? Have they no backbone?


People are out of work, losing their homes and our fearless leader steps forward with...MORE NONSENSE. Best you get out of this is a few years of lawsuits, meanwhile a whole bunch of people drive anyway without insurance or responsibility, a bunch of kids DON"T PAY TUITION or have Uncle Sam pitch in for it. Pearce is making a box of rocks actually look smarter than he is.

Leon Ceniceros


October 2008, a drunk driving "ILLEGAL ALIEN", Salvador Vivas-Diaz crashed his car against the Police car of a Phoenix Policeman who sadly, later died of his injuries. Salvador Vivas-Dias had been previously arrested four (4) times but was never reported to the Federal Immigration Authorities due to the fact that Phoenix was a "SANCTUARY CITY" at the time. Because of the inactment of SB 1070, Liberal/Progressive/Democrat... Mayors, Chiefs of Police and City Councilmember can no longer stop the enforcement of "ANTI-ILLEGAL ALIEN IMMIGRATION FEDERAL LAWS".

When you have a "SOCIAL CANCER" that is "METASTASIZING" .........drastic SURGERY is called for.

Thank you Senate President for intiating SB 1611 which will help "CURE" ARIZONA.


It looks to me that I like all the SBs. I think only criminals and their supporters would think otherwise.


"The language governing universities and community colleges is more clear cut.
SB 1611 would preclude their admission entirely. Pearce said it is irrelevant that the fees these students are paying may help keep tuition down for Arizona residents."
That is too bad. I would guess that universities make a fair chunk of change off of these students.

[sad] I think Pearce would cut off his nose to spite his face!!


I am all for it.... It is time we stop giving free taxpayer money and schooling, and college to illegal immigrants. I am sick to death of hearing about the 14th Amendment violation. Give me a break, you entered our country illegally, and continue to defraud this country and this state. You use our healthcare and drive up our premiums because you can't pay for services rendered. Your illegal offspring can't speak english, and you take up our teachers in the classroom from teaching our children who are legal. GET OUT AND GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Stop sponging off the American people. By the way, while your leaving, take your Drug Cartel with you. For those Americans who are providing guns to the Cartel, you should be locked under the jail, never to see the light of day. I am so tired of hearing how these illegals contribute to our society.

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