Jan Brewer
The budget details may still being negotiated. But that didn't stop Gov. Jan Brewer from making a trip to Alaska to watch the Iditarod dog race in Alaska. She posted this photo on her Facebook page.

The governor of the 48th state was in the 49th state Sunday.

Jan Brewer, back in Phoenix just several days after her trip to Washington, took off Friday for an unannounced trip to watch the Iditarod races and fly around Mt. McKinley. Press aide Matthew Benson said she's due back Monday night.

The whirlwind trip is not all sightseeing. Benson said Brewer is "spending a little time'' with Todd and Sarah Palin, as well as with Sean Parnell, the current Alaska governor.

None of this was made public ahead of time. In fact, the only reason her travels became public on Sunday is that Brewer decided to share a few photos with her friends on Facebook.

Benson said the trip is not being made with public dollars. And there are no state staffers along for the ride, though Brewer, like all Arizona governors, gets security from the state Department of Public Safety.

"In Alaska for a few days for my first vacation in over two years as governor,'' Brewer tweeted on Twitter once she hit the ground. "Heading out to dinner tonight with my husband.''

Benson said son, Michael, who has become a regular on her out-of-town trips, also went along.

Brewer also kept her friends up to date with some photos with the owners of Pizza Olympia in Anchorage as well as a few she took from what she called a "flightseeing'' tour. And Sunday she tweeted she was preparing to go out on some snow machines near Denali National Park.

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Alaska Mark

I work as a security captain at teh start of the Iditarod race in Anchorage. A guy who looked like a cop approached me at a gate and said that he was a trooper - an Arizona trooper protecting the Arizona Governor. I let him and the Governor and a young staffer-type guy into the secured area. Your Governor then started working the fence line like she was an Alaskan politician. Very strange.
I was just in Phoenix (to see the Cleveland Indians in Spring training). Every day there were articles about how the real estate market was continuing to drop and more and more people were losing their houses (and how broke all the levels of government are.) And THIS is how she chooses to spend her time (and State's money)? Wow...


We are a nice balmy 28 degrees here in Alaska. Brewer missed the actual start. She was here for the ceremonial show they use in the City of Anchorage to raise money from the tourists for the Iditarod. The real race started today!! We were rather hoping the she would take Silly Sarah the half term half wit back to Arizona with her. In Alaska where we really know her we wouldn't elect her dog catcher any longer. The quitter has shown her spots. My condolences the Arizona that Brewer didn't get lost floating on an iceberg. She really started the death panels for Arizona again condolences for the patients who have passed away and are suffering due to her savage cruelty. We can only hope karma works it's magic on the both of them.


Dale, are trying to say you hope Brewer would not make it back from a hunting trip?


AL in winter, yeah!@

Dale Whiting

If only we could get her to stay! Perhaps Sarah Palin would take Jan hunting? That might brew something up!

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